New Delhi The growing infection of Corona in the country is not stopped. More than eight thousand new cases were reported on Tuesday while over two hundred people also lost their lives. With this, the number of infected in the country has reached close to two lakhs, while the infection has caused more than five and a half thousand deaths. The devastation of Corona continues in Maharashtra. On Tuesday, 103 people died of the infection in the state.

The figure of the infected reached 1,98,706

According to a bulletin issued by the Union Health Ministry, 204 people have died from Corona in the last 24 hours while 8,171 new cases have been reported. With this, the number of infected in the country has reached 1,98,706 while 5,598 people have died. The reason for the difference in data from the Ministry of Health and other sources is the delay in getting the data from the states to the central agency. Apart from this, many agencies collect data directly from the states.

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India is far from the climax

According to the information received from the states, the maximum on Tuesday was 103 in Maharashtra, 33 in Delhi, 29 in Gujarat, 13 in Tamil Nadu, 10 in Bengal, seven in Uttar Pradesh, six in Madhya Pradesh, four each in Rajasthan and Telangana, Jammu. Three people died in Kashmir, two each in Punjab and Haryana and one each in Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh and Kerala. Amidst the rise in corona virus cases, the central government said on Tuesday that India was far from the peak of the disease and preventive measures were effective.

Pandemic causing havoc in Maharashtra

The Corona epidemic continues to wreak havoc in Maharashtra. On Tuesday, 103 people died and 2,287 new cases were reported. The number of infected in the state has reached 72,300 and so far 2,465 people have lost their lives. In Gujarat too, the infection does not seem to stop. The number of patients has increased to 17,632 with 415 new cases. So far 1,092 people have died in the state.

Record 1,298 new cases in Delhi 

A record 1,298 new cases were reported in the capital Delhi on Tuesday and the number of infected increased to 22,132.

Deepening crisis in Tamil Nadu-Kerala

The crisis is also deepening in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. More than a thousand cases are being reported continuously in Tamil Nadu for the last few days. Cases are also increasing rapidly in Kerala. The number of infected has reached near 25 thousand with 1,091 new cases in Tamil Nadu. However, Kerala has also been infected with 1,412 cases with 86 new cases.

Fast infection in Haryana-Bengal

The infection is spreading rapidly from Bengal to Haryana and Karnataka to the states of South India. Haryana saw 269 new cases and the number of patients increased to 2,685. In Bengal, with 396 new cases, the number of infected has gone up to 5,772 and in Karnataka also the number of infected has reached 3,796 with 388 patients. 8,356 in Madhya Pradesh, 2,426 in Punjab, 1,051 in Uttarakhand and 2,718 in Jammu and Kashmir have been reported infected.

Over 85 hundred infected in Uttar Pradesh

171 new cases were reported in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday and the number of infected has increased to 8,532. There have been 104 new cases in Bihar and the number of patients has gone up to 4,069. So far 9,271 patients have been found in Rajasthan with 171 new cases. 141 new cases have also been found in Odisha. So far, the number of infected people in the state has reached 2,245.

State infected

Maharashtra – 72,300

Tamil Nadu – 24,586

Delhi – 22,132

Gujarat – 17,632

Rajasthan – 9,373

Uttar Pradesh – 8,532

Madhya Pradesh – 8,356

Bengal – 6,168

Bihar – 4,096

Andhra Pradesh – 3,791

Karnataka – 3,796

Telangana – 2,891

Jammu and Kashmir – 2,718

Punjab – 2,426

Haryana – 2,685

Odisha – 2,245

Assam – 1,513

Kerala – 1,412

Uttarakhand – 1051

Jharkhand – 722

Chhattisgarh – 572

Himachal Pradesh – 346

Tripura – 423

Chandigarh – 301

Manipur – 85


Goa – 79

Ladakh – 81

Nagaland – 49


Arunachal Pradesh – 27


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