New Visa Rules: Big news for passport holders! Now visa free entry of Indian passport holders is banned in this country, check immediately

Indian Passport Holders: Good news! One country has approved visa free entry for India, know full details
Indian Passport Holders: Good news! One country has approved visa free entry for India, know full details
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New Visa Rules: Visa free entry of Indian passport holders is being banned in this country from January 1. If you are thinking of going here, then first definitely see the advisory of Embassy.

New Visa Rule: Indian has been allowed to travel without visa in some countries. Now one of these countries has decided to discontinue Visa Free Entry. This decision has been taken with the intention of stopping illegal residents and following the rules of the European Visa Policy. According to the statement, from January 1, 2023, Indian passport holders will no longer be allowed to travel to that country without a valid visa.

Which country took this big decision

The Government of Serbia said in its decision that visa free entry in Serbia is being stopped for 30 days for all Indians. Free visa entry was started in September 2017. However, Indian citizens who are currently traveling without visa in Serbia (Travel Rule in Serbia), will be allowed up to 30 days. After this it will be mandatory to give visa. Indians cannot travel to other countries including Serbia’s neighboring countries and other European countries on visa-free entry basis in Serbia.

The government here had earlier allowed diplomatic and official Indian passport holders to visit the country without a visa for 90 days, while this period was 30 days for ordinary passport holders. . After this rule comes into force on the new year, no Indian citizen will be able to travel in this country without a visa.

Indian Embassy issued advisory

After this announcement by Serbia, the Indian Embassy in Belgrade and Serbia have issued an advisory regarding the change in visa rules (Servia Rule Changed). It has been said in the advisory that if anyone wants to travel to Serbia after January 1, he will have to apply for a visa from the Delhi Embassy or his place of residence. Travel will be allowed only on valid visa.

Visa free travel is still allowed for these people

The advisory states that Indians with valid Schengen, UK visa or USA visa or with resident status in these countries can still enter Serbia for up to 90 days. Along with this, these people can also travel to these places. However, they will not be allowed to go to its neighboring countries.

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