Corona Vaccine: Baba Ramdev raised questions on common people getting corona vaccine in 2021, know what he said…


Corona Vaccine Latest News: Efforts are being made to spread the Corona Virus vaccine to the common people in the world. In India too, preparations are being made to deliver this vaccine to the common people by next year i.e. by 2021. Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan had said on Sunday that the Corona vaccine will arrive in India by March 2021 and it will be delivered to the common people by the month of July. Meanwhile, yoga guru Baba Ramdev has questioned the availability of the corona virus vaccine in 2021 to the common man.

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With this, Baba Ramdev’s big statement has come out regarding the condition of corona vaccine and corona virus. Along with this statement, he also advised people to include yoga in their lifestyle. Baba Ramdev said on Monday that in this country with a population of 135 crores, in 2021, there is no guarantee that the common people will get the vaccine. In such a situation, the lives of the people will be saved from yoga, from Ayurveda and from changes in lifestyle.

Significantly, by 2021, efforts are being made vigorously by the government to deliver the Corona vaccine to the common people of the country by 2021. To spread vaccine to the people, the government is busy preparing vaccine booths like polling booths to be set up during elections. For this, arrangements are being made from the supply chain to its storage.

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Meanwhile, the government has also made it clear that the first dose of corona vaccine in the country will be given to first-line corona warriors who are involved in caring for patients, checking corona infections, etc. For this, special responsibility will be given to doctors of government and private hospitals. Also, along with public participation efforts, they will be given necessary training. Also, the news is that the central government can spend around Rs 18,000 on the vaccine at the beginning of this campaign.

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