China wants to incite Nepal in its camp against India, is running a vicious move


new Delhi. Nepal released its new political map and has served to spoil the better relations with India over the years. The reason for this is to show Limpiyadhura Kalapani and Lipulekh as part of the Nepal border in this map. It has been issued by the government, hence it has also given rise to many questions. The biggest question in this is why Nepal has taken such action. Is there any conspiracy or mind of China behind it. According to experts, there is only some dragon behind this, who is getting Nepal to do all this.

Let us also tell you here that this map from Nepal has come out ten days after the decision of India in which the road was built in India script. The same route goes through Tibet to Mansarovar. This road was also opposed by Nepal. In view of Nepal’s opposition to this, both countries have agreed to hold Foreign Secretary level talks. In the opinion of Professor Harsh V Pant of King’s College, Nepal has to give confidence that we are able to meet their needs. They also believe that the area along the banks of the Kalapani River has always been with India. India has not broken any consensus here.

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The biggest reason behind this move by Nepal is that China has been trying to hold Nepal in its grip for quite some time. He wants to unite against India by provoking it against him. It started its exercise in the year 2016-17, when a strong government was formed in Nepal. The fierce government was pro-China. Since then, Nepal’s trend had shifted towards China. After this, he also gave financial assistance to Nepal to tighten its grip on Nepal.

Let us tell you that China has already illegally captured India’s Aksai Chin. Apart from this, China has been asserting itself in parts of Himachal and Uttarakhand. At the same time, he has been claiming his share of Arunachal Pradesh as well. Not only this, China has also expressed objections to the construction happening here. A few days ago, Chinese soldiers also had a scuffle with Indian troops on the Uttarakhand border. He has also become very vocal about Doklam with India. India overpowered him there. After this, he wants to strategically weaken India by implicating Nepal in its net.


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