Role of Insurance In Financial Planning: Covid is important during insurance, learn what is the advantages of insurance


Role of Insurance in Your Financial Planning: Insurance should be the first for those who are financial planning. Insurance protects us from sudden huge expenses. In the calamitous times of corona (Covid-19), the demand for health insurance and life insurance has increased, which is also true to a great extent. At present, the virus has created a different environment across the country, which has made health insurance and life insurance very important.

Why are insurance necessary?
The epidemic caused by the corona virus has seen an economic problem in every region. The corona can affect any person, but in view of the amount of money that is being spent in private hospitals in this disease, it is clear that not everyone can treat. The ventilator can also take up to 2 lakh to recruit the patient in the hospital.

Treatment for a person with a normal income in private hospitals may be very heavy. If a person wants to avoid this estimated expenditure or wants to create an economic safety net for your family, insurance is the best way to do so.

What are the advantages of insurance?
While insurance has always been an important part of financial planning, it becomes even more necessary in the opposite conditions of this time. Life insurance has a not many advantages, which is the following:


1. Financial Security: Getting insurance gives you and your family financial security. That is, if an accident happens to you, your family gets some financial assistance.

2. Cover: One of the major benefits of insurance is that it gives you a cover that can also be used to take and repay. Thanks to this, you can easily take a loan from the bank.

3. Family Safety: The biggest advantage of life insurance is that your family gets an economic protection after you. If an accident happens to you, your family gets good financial assistance through the insurance company.

4. Tax Benefit: One of the major benefits of getting your family’s insurance is that you also get tax benefits. In fact, under Section 80C of 1961, you can claim up to Rs 1.5 lakh annually.

How to get online insurance?
If you do not have to detour to the offices of insurance companies at this opposite time of corona, you can easily get online insurance. Insurance companies give not one but a number of plans, out of which you can choose a plan according to your need and comfort. To get insured online, first you need to select a trustworthy company, and then visit their website. On the website you will find information about all plans. Select the plan and book that plan.


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