EPFO Pension: Good news! Pension of these pensioners will not stop after this order, know what

EPFO Pension: Good news! Now parents will get lifelong pension, know what is the scheme
EPFO Pension: Good news! Now parents will get lifelong pension, know what is the scheme

EPFO Pension: Good news has come for some special pensioners. Now they will not have to wait till the end of the year for the life certificate for pension and will have to work hard. Know what has changed.


EPFO Pension: After retirement, pensioners have to submit life certificate every year to EPFO ​​as a proof of their survival. If any pensioner does not submit this life certificate with EPFO ​​anywhere, then in such a situation there is a provision to stop his pension. Post-retirement pension is a very important source of income for senior citizens. It also helps them financially at this stage of life, by making them financially capable, in fulfilling their needs and in times of any kind of trouble.

Important things for Professionals

However, for this, pensioners have to submit their life certificate after retirement to an authorized pension disbursing agency like a bank, only after which they are given pension. This is like a headache for them. EPS (Employees Pension Scheme 1995) under EPFO- Employees’ Provident Fund Organization also gives pension to retired employees. But under this, many types of rules and regulations have been fixed for pensioners. Therefore, in order to get the amount of pension without any problem under EPS, the pensioners must keep these things in mind.

Life certificate duty every year

Pensioners have to submit a life certificate every year with the EPFO ​​as a proof of survival after retirement. If a pensioner is not able to submit his life certificate with the EPFO, then in such a situation his pension can be stopped.

Valid for so many days

Life certificate has a validity of one year. This is the reason why pensioners have to submit life certificate every year. For this, EPFO ​​used to fix the last date for submission of life certificate, within which pensioners had to submit their life certificate. EPFO has now given a big relief in the rule of life certificate keeping in mind the facilities of the pensioners.

Under the new rules, now pensioners can submit life certificate at any time according to their convenience and time. The validity of that certificate will be for the next one year from the date of submission. Suppose you have submitted your life certificate on December 1, 2021, then its validity will be till November 30, 2022.


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