Demand is high in North India; Huge increase in egg prices in the state


Egg prices are on the rise in the state. The price of an egg, which was Rs 4, is now above Rs 6. According to wholesalers, eggs, which used to fetch between Rs 2 and Rs 3, are now priced at Rs 5 in October. Egg prices are generally highest in November-December and June-July. But this time around, egg prices have been on the rise since August.

Namakkal in Tamil Nadu and Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh are prominent in the egg industry in the country. Of these, eggs come to Kerala from Namakkal. According to the New Indian Express, Kabir, general secretary of the Kerala Egg Merchants’ Welfare Association, was quoted as saying that the rise in egg prices was due to an unexpected increase in demand from northern states.

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He said prices were likely to rise in the coming days. The current price hike comes after a 30 per cent drop in prices following the Kovid expansion. Traders say egg prices have not fluctuated significantly in 2019 except for a few days. Thiruvananthapuram district alone sells 30 lakh eggs a week in the state.



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