Aadhaar Card Update: If this work is not done then your child’s Aadhaar will become inactive

Aadhaar Card Update: If this work is not done then your child's Aadhaar will become inactive
Aadhaar Card Update: If this work is not done then your child's Aadhaar will become inactive

Aadhar Card(Aadhaar Card) is one of the essential and mandatory documents for everyone today. It has been made mandatory to take advantage of almost all government welfare schemes like PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, PM Jan Dhan Yojana, LPG subsidy. This is the reason that now UIDAI has started making Aadhar card for one day children. For this, parents can apply for Baal Aadhaar Card by submitting the hospital discharge certificate of their newborn and the Aadhar card of one of the parents. But keep in mind that after the child is 5 years old, his biometric verification is required. Otherwise, the child’s Aadhar card becomes inactive. Let us tell you all the information related to this rule and the process of how the child’s biometric details can be verified after 5 years of age:

UIDAI tweeted this important information

UIDAI has given information through a tweet about the important responsibility of parents with respect to their child and said that child Aadhaar can be used only till the age of 5 years. . Child Aadhaar becomes inactive or disabled if biometric verification is not done after 5 years.

To update biometrics, find Aadhaar Center like this

You can directly click on this link of UIDAI appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx to get the biometrics done by visiting the nearest Aadhar card center and update the biometrics of the child. So that your child will not face any problem in getting admission in school or any other work. UIDAI said that after updating the biometrics of your 5 year old child, when the same child turns 15 years old, then you will have to update the biometrics of your child in Aadhaar. Explain that these mandatory biometric updates are free for children.

How to apply for Baal Aadhaar sitting at home?

Step 1: For this, first you have to go to the official website of UIDAI. On this website, then you have to click on the Aadhar card registration link.

Step 2: Here many important information including the name of the child, parents’ name will have to be filled. You will also need to fill the Aadhaar Enrollment Form.

Step 3: In this step, you will enter the details like Address, Locality, District/City, State etc.

Step 4: Then click on the Appointment button and select the schedule for Aadhar card registration. You can choose the enrollment center nearest to your home.

Step 5: On the date of appointment you have to visit the enrollment center. Here you will also have to carry the birth certificate of the child, photocopy of the Aadhar card of the parents and the reference number.

Step 6: Enrollment Center will verify all the documents after which the biometric information will be linked with the Aadhar card of the child. Only photograph of a child below 5 years is registered.

Step 7: Here also after the completion of all the process, the applicant is given an acknowledgment number, with the help of which you can know the status of the application.

Step 8: An SMS will be received on the registered mobile number after 60 days. Baal Aadhaar will be sent to you within 90 days of the enrollment process.


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