Vaccination Certificates Correction: How To Change Name, Date of Birth and Gender on your Cowin vaccination certificates,

How To Change Name, Dtae of Birth and Gender on your Cowin vaccination certificates
How To Change Name, Dtae of Birth and Gender on your Cowin vaccination certificates

Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Correction: Vaccination is the most effective way against corona virus.

A certificate is issued to those who have been administered a single dose of it. However, sometimes some mistakes are made in the Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate. Now with the new initiative of the Central Government, the mistakes made in this certificate can be corrected on the Cowin Portal itself.

According to the information given on the Twitter handle of Aarogya Setu, if there is any mistake in the printed name, year of birth and gender in the vaccination certificate, then it can be rectified. However, it is also important to note here that this mistake can be rectified only once.

Apart from this, there will be an opportunity to change the name, year of birth and gender in the certificate, but keep in mind that only two will be able to make corrections in it. This means that you will get one chance to change these three personal information, but any person will be able to modify only two of these information. The updated information will be reflected in the final certificate.

Certificate mistakes can be corrected in this way

Visit the COWIN Portal

    • Sign in using your 10 digit mobile number.
  • Go to Account Details.
  • If you have got a single dose of the vaccine, there will be a Raise an Issue button. Click on it.
  • Click on Correction In Certificate.
  • Click on the details below that you want to rectify the mistake. Keep in mind that only two information can be corrected in name, birth, year and gender and change is allowed only once. In such a situation, while making changes, fill all the information correctly.
  • Click on Continue.
  • After this follow the given steps and your details will be updated which will be reflected in the final certificate.


  1. Dear Sir,
    One more correction should be added.
    If a person vaccinated 1st dose and 2nd dose duly on the required date, but the vaccinator team wrongly entered the mobile no. then how will be he get corrected certificate. He won’t get even message for 2nd dose vaccination. Inthis case how can he get final certicate. Please do the needful.

  2. 3rd March first shot, 31st March 2nd shot , both common Aadhar card and mobile but second shot date I preponed and the vaccine center allowed. Individually both the certificates can be downloaded and the first one freely but the second one only with the copy provided by the vaccine center and using its barcode. Unable to combine as the message says the mobile number is not valid. But the mobile is Aadhar card endorsed. Help to combine both the certificate to get the International travel support. Details can be provided.

  3. I am Jayant Goundalkar, aged 69 years, male, aadhaar No xxxxxxxx8568. My wife and I got vaccinated for 2nd dose on 26th April 2021 (Batch No. 4121Z049 at Kaushalya Hospital Thane, Thane, Maharashtra. I have Final Certificate to that effect. However, when I try to get epass for travel purposes, I am unable to get my name on the site by giving the cell no. provided. Both of us were registered on my wife’s cell no. Now when we give the cell no. only my wife’s name appears and does not show my name. Please take remedial steps at the earliest, so that I get epass for travelling. My Beneficiary Reference ID is 21392787210700


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