This thing planted in 4 bigha field, earned 7 lakhs – do it too


The farmers of Malwa have prospered only by planting lemon orchards, while some have prospered with crops such as guava, linseed, maize. In the Malwa region, you have dominance in traditional farming. In Kharif, there is abundance of wheat and gram in soybean, pulses and rabi. Crops are grown here in 80 percent of the area. But most of the farmers in the district have adopted integrated farming.

He has set a new example of farming by joining smart farming. He has done the work of planting a lime garden on four bighas of land. When this consignment was sold in the market, it also earned him Rs 6.25 lakh. Ashwini, who has received a national level award for various types of farming here, says that now farmers have increased the trend on horticultural crops. Because low cost leads to more profit.

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Here, by cultivating different types of farming, smart farmers say that farmers have to give up the tendency of a uniform and group crop. Apart from traditional crops, crops of urad, moong, arhar, flaxseed, guava, gram are beneficial as the less production in the market will get better price. Farmers have to understand this. By making this land useful, prosperity can be brought to the villages. Also, farmers have to adopt the method of filling and draining the fields.

According to the horticulture department here, farmers are coming forward in the horticulture sector. Here, a thousand hectare ice mine variety of guava is planted in some villages including Nagda-Khacharoud. Along with this, many farmers are getting improved cultivation of stems, grapes and oranges. The weather in the district is also not favorable for papaya cultivation here.


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