SBI Customers: Good news! SBI Bank is giving the benefits of Rs 2 lakh for free, know how to take advantage

SBI Account Holders: Good News! Get Benefits up to Rs 20 lakh on SBI ATM card, know details
SBI Account Holders: Good News! Get Benefits up to Rs 20 lakh on SBI ATM card, know details

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana: We know about government schemes, but few people know about the hidden benefits of the schemes. For example, the country’s largest government bank State Bank of India is also offering insurance benefits of up to Rs 2 lakh on a particular account.

SBI is providing free insurance of Rs 2 lakh to its customers who have opened an account under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. At present, the benefit of insurance is available to those customers who have opened the account before August 28, 2018. Also, those who have applied for RuPay PMJDY card are getting insurance cover.

Customers whose PMJDY account has been opened till August 28, 2018 are being given insurance up to Rs 1 lakh on RuPay PMJDY card and accidental cover up to Rs 2 lakh on RuPay card thereafter.

How to get benefit

Under PM Jan Dhan Yojana, the account holder in State Bank of India gets accidental insurance. To take advantage of this, the nominee for the accident insurance benefit account holder will have to fill a form along with the death certificate of the person. Along with this form, FIR copy of the accident, post mortem report and a copy of the Aadhar card of the deceased will have to be submitted.

The benefit of accident insurance in Jan Dhan account will be available only if the claim has to be deposited within 90 days from the date of accident. The name of the nominee will have to be submitted along with the bank details, copy of the passbook.

Benefits of Jan Dhan Account

  • Interest on deposits
  • Accident insurance cover of one lakh rupees.
  • Overdraft facility will be given after six months.
  • No minimum balance deposit required.
  • Life insurance of Rs 30,000 will be payable on the death of the beneficiary on normal terms.
  • Overdraft facility up to Rs 5,000 in only one account for the woman of the family.


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