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LPG Cylinders also expire, know how to know the expiry date

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LPG Cylinder Expiry: The LPG cylinder that comes in your house. It also has an expiry date. Therefore, whenever you refill your LPG cylinder, definitely check its expiry date. It should not happen that you buy an expired cylinder. This could pose a major threat

LPG Cylinder: LPG is used extensively in India. Its consumption is increasing day by day. While buying a new gas cylinder, most of the people first check whether the gas is leaking from the cylinder. Apart from this, many times we also check its weight. But never check the expiry date of the cylinder. For your information, let us tell you that LPG Cylinder also has an expiry date. This expiry date is written in big letters on every cylinder. Which is very important to understand.

Till some time ago, people had to cook food on cow dung cakes and wood. But now gas cylinders have been installed in most of the houses. There has been progress in this too with time. In many places, gas is now being supplied through pipelines. This means that we have got rid of the hassle of cylinder also.

Where is the expiry date of the cylinder written?

Whenever the cylinder seller brings a gas cylinder to your house, first of all check the expiry date of that cylinder. The strip that remains below the upper part of the cylinder i.e. the round part. An English letter and a number are written on it. It happens in code. This is called expiry date. When you look at the strip below the round part, there will be a yellow or green strip. On which a number is written in white or black colour. If A-25 is written on your gas cylinder, it means that this cylinder will expire in January 2025. Actually, the letters A to D written on it give information about the month and the numbers give information about the year.

What is the meaning of ABCD?

In this code, ABCD is divided into three months each. A means January, February and March. Similarly, B means April, May and June. Similarly, C means July, August, September. Similarly D means October, November and December. Now if A-24 is written on your cylinder, it means that your cylinder will expire between January and March in the year 2024. Whereas if D-27 is written then it means that the cylinder will expire between October and December in the year 2027. In this way you can also know the expiry date written on your cylinder.

Why is expiry date written?

This date written on the cylinder is the testing date. What this means is that the cylinder is sent for testing on this date. It is seen whether the cylinder is fit for further use or not. While checking the cylinder, its hydro test is done. Apart from this, it is also tested with 5 times more pressure. During testing, such cylinders which do not meet the standards are destroyed.

What is the life of the cylinder?

Generally the life of an LPG gas cylinder is 15 years. During service the cylinder is sent for testing twice. The first test is done after 10 years and the second test is done after 5 years.

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