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LIC Jeevan lakshya policy secure daughter life in just 125 rupees get 27 lakh at maturity

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The name of this policy of LIC is life goal. Under this, the family will not have to give any premium to the family when the insurance holder dies. At the same time, daughter gets 10 per cent of Ashard every year during the policies.

Everyone is worried about their future in Corona period. Concern about the future of your children is abusive. In such a situation, every parent wants that their future is safe. They are worried about that if something becomes unnecessary then what will happen to their child. Who will raise their marriage and education? Today, LIC is going to tell about a policy so that your concern will be far away.

The name of this scheme of LIC is life target whose table number is 933. The special thing of this policy is that it guarantees the security of capital with fixed income. It gets Rs 27 lakh on depositing 125 rupees every day. The special thing about this policy is that this plan is for 25 years, but you have to pay premiums only for 22 years. The policy term for this scheme is 13 to 25 years.

After the start of the policy under life target scheme, the goal of the policy does not end in any situation. This is the reason why the family will not have to give a premium to the family when the death of the insured. At the same time, the daughter gets 10 percent of her infections every year during the policies. Premium can be deposited on a monthly, quarter, half yearly and annually. Talking about eligibility, Minimum Entry Edge 18 years and Maximum Entry Edge is 50 years. Maximum Maturity Edge is 65 years. Talk to the premium paying term, it is less than 3 years from the policy term. With this, LIC gives two kinds of Rider-Exclusive Death and Disability Rider. Second Rider New Term is a Rider.

Talking about Maturity Benefit, there will be benefit of Simple Revenue Bonus as well as along with the alive of the policy holder. Apart from this, additional bonuses also get benefit. Apart from this, two years of the policy also get the benefit of the loan. Deposits for this policy get the benefit of deduction under 80C. Tax is free under Maturity Avount Section 10D.

Minimum Ashrord can be 1 million. If any 10 lakhs of questions takes at the age of 30, then every month you have to deposit close to Rs 3800. In this sense you will have to save 125 rupees every day. You will get 27 lakh rupees after 25 years after depositing 3800 rupees every month. To take this policy, you will have to give a document like Aadhaar card, income certificate, any identity card, address proof, birth certificate and passport size photo.



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