LIC Jeevan Anand Policy: Deposit only 80 rupees daily, you will get 28,000 rupees pension

LIC Jeevan Anand Policy: Rs.76 per day Invest Get more than Rs 10 lakh on maturity, read more
LIC Jeevan Anand Policy: Rs.76 per day Invest Get more than Rs 10 lakh on maturity, read more

LIC Jeevan Anand Policy: Everyone wants that in the last time of his life, he should live life in a relaxed manner. For this, you have to get pension every month. With the money received in pension, you can comfortably spend your life in the last days. If you too want to live such a life, then we have a great scheme for you.

Life Insurance Corporation of India ie LIC is a reliable company for long term investment. Whether your life is safe or planning for retirement, LIC can play a big role in everything. One such scheme is Jeevan Anand Policy of LIC. Through this, you can get 28 thousand rupees pension in the last days of your life by investing 80 rupees daily.

If you also want to invest in LIC Jeevan Anand policy, then your minimum age for this should be 28 years. This policy offers you a return after a period of 25 years. It is considered to be the best policy of LIC in terms of bonus facility, liquidity and investment. Under this policy, at least 1 lakh rupees is even assured, while there is no maximum limit.

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This is an endowment policy. This means that the investor gets the benefit of both investment and insurance. If a person starts investing at the age of 25 for a period of 35 years. During this period, he has to pay premium with 4.5% tax in the first year. It makes 29,555 rupees. This means that a person has to invest 80 rupees daily.

When you pay the first premium, after this you will have to pay 79 rupees with 2.5 percent tax. If you calculate it, according to this you get 50 lakh 15 thousand rupees after 35 years. This means that after the age of 61 years, your pension will be Rs 3 lakh 48 thousand 23 annually. Accordingly, you will get a pension of Rs 27,664 every month.




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