Indian Railways: Good News! Now tatkal tickets will be booked quickly, IRCTC told the process, know details

IRCTC New Rule: Good news! Train can also be caught from any other station, know the rules of IRCTC
IRCTC New Rule: Good news! Train can also be caught from any other station, know the rules of IRCTC

IRCTC iPay Refund: IRCTC has introduced a new payment gateway ‘iPay’. With the help of this, now your refund will be returned immediately. Know about it in detail.   

New Delhi: There is good news for those traveling by train. If the train ticket got canceled or had to be canceled due to any reason, then there was a long wait for refund (IRCTC iPay Refund). But now it will not happen. Actually, now the railway is giving a new service for instant return. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) had launched its own payment gateway named IRCTC-iPay.

This service (IRCTC iPay App) is already operational. Under this, the payment for booking tickets is done at the payment gateway of a bank, which saves time and also as soon as the ticket is canceled, its refund (IRCTC iPay Refund Status) is credited to your account immediately. Is. Know the complete process of booking train tickets from IRCTC iPay (IRCTC iPay Ticket Booking Process).

IRCTC iPay Train Ticket Booking Process 

1. For booking through iPay, first login to .

2. Now fill the details related to the journey like place and date.

3. After this, select the train according to your route.

4. While booking the ticket, you will get the first option ‘IRCTC iPay’ in the payment method.

5. Select this option and click on ‘Pay and Book’.

6. Now fill the credit card, debit card or UPI details for payment.

7. After this your ticket will be booked immediately, whose confirmation you will get through SMS and email.

8. And the most important thing is that you will not have to fill the payment details again if you book tickets again in future, you will be able to book tickets by paying immediately.

Get Instant Refund 

Earlier it used to take a lot of time to get the refund when the ticket was canceled. But now this money will go into the account immediately. Under IRCTC, the user will have to give only one mandate for his UPI bank account or debit, after which the payment instrument will be authorized for further transactions. In such a situation, the time taken to book tickets will also be less.

Tickets will be booked instantly

IRCTC officials have said that earlier the company did not have its own payment gateway, then another payment gateway (IRCTC iPay Means) had to be used. So booking took a lot of time. And if the money was deducted, then it also took more time to come back to the account. But now it will not happen. On the first question on the payment gateway of IICTC, officials say that it is completely secure.

Money will be available immediately on waiting tickets too

Many times when you make a ticket but your ticket comes in waiting (IRCTC iPay Features). And automatically cancels your ticket after the final chart is prepared. In such a situation, now even in this condition you will get your refund immediately.


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