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HDFC Bank Alert! Message is coming for KYC update, Account will be empty as soon as you click on update link, know details

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HDFC Bank has warned its customers about fraud by sending fake SMS. Many people are getting fake messages in the name of KYC update. The bank has explained how to identify such SMS and how to avoid fraud.

New Delhi. Nowadays, many cases of cheating people are coming to the fore through fake SMS. In cyber thugs, many such people have been looted of their hard earned money by making them victims. However, banks always advise their customers to be alert and avoid such messages. Recently HDFC Bank customers are getting such fraud messages to update KYC.

To trap the customers, such messages are being sent from random numbers that their KYC is yet to be updated with the bank. By sending such messages, the fraudsters loot the deposited money of the customers within minutes. HDFC Bank has advised its customers to beware of such messages.

Receives message for KYC update

Recently HDFC Bank customers are getting such messages asking them to update KYC immediately. Along with this message, a link also comes on which the customers are asked to click. At the same time, if this is not done, a warning is also given to block the bank account. Customers get trapped in this and click on the link and the money is disappeared from their account.

This is what the fake message looks like:

HDFC Bank customers are getting this message – “Update KYC for HDFC Account immediately! Please update it by clicking https://rb.gy/xaotao0yygu otherwise your account will be blocked Thank you.” According to an email sent by HDFC Bank to its customers, do not respond to messages sent from any 10 digit number asking for your bank details. HDFC Bank never asks you to share your OTP, CVV, or any personal information like Aadhaar and PAN card numbers through SMS or email.

Bank cautions customers

HDFC Bank said in a tweet last days that customers should protect themselves from fraud! Always check in such messages that from which ID it has been sent to you. HDFC Bank sends you messages from your official ID from HDFCBK/HDFCBN & links only. Whereas its links start from http://hdfcbk.io. Do not click on links in messages received from unknown numbers requesting PAN/KYC update or other banking information. You can contact report.phishing@hdfcbank.com to report such fake SMS or mail.

Pravesh Maurya
Pravesh Maurya
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