BCCI stance – Cricket will start only after monsoon, said so on IPL

BCCI CEO Rahul Johri has said that cricket activities will start only after the monsoon, but he is optimistic about the IPL event this year.
  • … IPL can be done in October-November
  • Rahul Johri said – BCCI’s eye on the situation

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Chief Executive Officer Rahul Johri has said that cricket activities will start only after the monsoon, but he is ‘optimistic’ about the Indian Premier League (IPL) event this year. Johri reiterated that the safety of the players is supreme and amidst the unprecedented security crisis due to the Kovid-19 pandemic, it should be left to the individual players to decide what is best for them.

When will cricket activities begin ..?

During a webinar organized by Twenty First Century Media on Wednesday, Johri said, “Everyone has the right to decide on their own safety and it should be respected.” He said, ‘Government of India will guide us in this entire matter, we will follow the guidelines of the government. Practically cricket activities will start only after the monsoon.

In India, the monsoon lasts from June to September. There is speculation that the IPL may be held in October-November if the T20 World Cup in Australia is postponed. Johri said, “We hope that things will improve and more options will be available, which will be under our control and we will take decisions accordingly.”

Not in favor of IPL with Indian players only

In the context of IPL, Johri said that he was not only in favor of holding tournaments with Indian players, which was suggested due to the ban on international flights due to the epidemic. But he gave information about many problems that may have to be faced due to following new safety rules to minimize the risk of infection.

He said, ‘The fun of IPL is that the best players from all over the world come and play here and all are committed to uphold this importance. Of course this will be a step by step process, so you cannot expect things to be normal tomorrow.

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‘We have to see what the government’s advice is’

Johri said, ‘We have to see what the advice of the government is. Airline is not running right now. One time the airline will start and everyone has to keep themselves separate before the game starts. He said, ‘How will this affect the program as the program is already very busy.’

There is talk of 14-day segregation under mandatory security measures, which is likely to have a major impact on the program. Johri also mentioned the challenges that the board may have to face during the long domestic session of India. India’s domestic season runs from October to May, with more than 2000 matches played.


He said, “In this changing environment, there is a need to revisit domestic cricket completely because a team may have to travel 50 km and 3000 km to play a match.” Johri said, ‘All teams take on other teams on their own and opponent’s ground. In this situation when travel is banned how can you organize these leagues. We discussed this and interesting options will emerge. Newness will be important in this.


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