Banks will remain closed in different areas on these dates in June, be sure to remember before visiting the branch


New Delhi, Business Desk. The fourth phase of lockdown is currently underway in the country. The banking services have been placed by the government in essential services and these services are also under lockdown. Many banks are opening their branches for reduced working hours with reduced staff. In this time of outbreak of corona virus epidemic, it is very important to follow the law of physical distance. Therefore, customers have been advised by banks to settle their banking functions through net banking and mobile banking. Nevertheless, if it is necessary to go to the branch, then the customers must know that on the day they are visiting the bank, the banks should not have a holiday. Let us know which days are going to be closed in banks in June 2020.

There is no major festival this time in the month of June, so banks will be open on all days except in weekends. Apart from this, there is no separate holiday of stock market in the month of June. However, due to regional holidays in some states, banks will have some holidays in the month of June. Local festivals like Guru Hargobind ji’s birth anniversary, Raja Sankranti, Rath Yatra, Saga Deva and Remna Nee are scheduled in June.

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Banks will leave on these dates throughout the country

The first bank holiday in June will be on June 7. Banks will have a holiday on this day due to Sunday. After this, the second Saturday on June 12, Sunday on June 14, Sunday on June 21, last Saturday on June 27 and Sunday on June 28, will be the banks’ holiday. These six days will be a holiday for banks across the country.

There will be a holiday in Jammu and Kashmir on this day also

In Jammu and Kashmir, in addition to Saturday-Sunday holidays in June, banks will also have a holiday on June 18. Banks will have a holiday on June 18 due to the birth anniversary of Guru Hargobind ji.


These dates will also be holiday in Mizoram

Talking about Mizoram, in this state, apart from Saturday-Sunday, there will be bank holidays on June 18 and June 30. Due to Raja Sankranti on 18 June and Remna Ni on 30 June, banks will be off in Mizoram.

These dates will also be holidays in Orissa

Talking about Orissa, in addition to Saturday-Sunday, there will be bank holidays on June 18 and June 23. Banks will have holidays in Orissa due to Raja Sankranti on 18 June and Rath Yatra on 23 June.


Sikkim will also have a holiday on this day

In addition to Saturday and Sunday holidays in Sikkim, banks will also have a holiday on June 5. Banks are going to leave in Mizoram on June 5 due to being deified.


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