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Air traveling Rule Changed: Big news! Now these people will not be able to travel by flight, DGCA change the rules , know the new rules

Indigo Boarding Pass Charge: Indigo Airlines still charging extra for issuance of boarding passes at check in counters see details
Indigo Boarding Pass Charge: Indigo Airlines still charging extra for issuance of boarding passes at check in counters see details
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DGCA Latest Rule: DGCA has issued a new rule on Indigo’s refusal to travel in flight for the last days. Now after the doctor’s examination, it will be decided that which passenger is eligible to travel in the flight or who is not?

DGCA Latest Rule: If you also like to travel by flight, then it is important for you to stay updated with this news. A major change has been made in the rules of air travel by DGCA. Under the new rule, whether the disabled passenger is fit to travel by flight, it will not be decided by the airline companies, but the doctors will decide. If the doctor refuses to board the flight by giving any valid reason in the test, then only that person will be refused from the flight.

Will have to follow the advice of the doctor

In an order given to airline companies by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the regulatory authority of airline companies, it was said, ‘The airline will not refuse to travel on any passenger on the ground of disability. If an airline feels that the health of the passenger may deteriorate during the flight, then the said passenger will have to be examined by a doctor. The doctor will give information about the medical condition of the passenger. Only the doctor will tell whether the passenger is fit to fly or not. The airline companies will be able to take a decision only on the advice of the doctor.

Why was this decision taken?

Let us tell you that this decision of DGCA has come after the incident of Ranchi airport where IndiGo had refused to let a disabled child board the plane. There was a lot of opposition to this incident as well. Showing strictness on this action of Indigo, DGCA also imposed a fine of Rs 5 lakh.

Indigo fined Rs 5 lakh

In the clarification given by IndiGo, it was said that in view of the safety of the passengers, a disabled child was not allowed to board the Ranchi-Hyderabad flight. The child looked very frightened. After this, showing strictness on Indigo, DGCA imposed a fine of Rs 5 lakh and said that the behavior of Indigo employees was wrong and it worsened the situation.

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