Yogi government’s gift to five lakh pensioners of UP, know how much pension will increase


Before the assembly elections, the Yogi government of the state has given a big gift to about five lakh pensioners.

Pensioners of the state will now be given pension according to the Seventh Pay Commission. As soon as the Seventh Pay Commission is implemented, there will be a substantial increase in the pension. Its order was also issued on Monday. Let us tell you that most of the pensioners in this category are from corporations, where the Seventh Pay Commission has not been implemented. Additional Chief Secretary Finance S Radha Chauhan issued this mandate.

According to the mandate, approval has been given to approve the revision of provisional pension of the mentioned category of pensioners on March 6, 2017 as per the mandate on February 12, 2018. On being revised according to these orders and the mandate dated March 6, 2017, the higher the amount, the pension will be payable. The departments will have to complete the revision work within three months.

The Central Government has already issued an order to give pension to its retired employees according to the Seventh Pay Commission. The Government of India has made arrangements to review the last drawn pay of pre-January 2016 pensioners under the provisions of the mandate dated 23 December 2016 and 18 July 2017. The amount which is more will be admissible as pension.

According to the information received from the Finance Department, the pensioners belonging to the Sixth Pay Commission will also get the same pension as the pensioners belonging to the Seventh Pay Commission after the final revision of pension.

This decision of the government has been welcomed by the Joint Pensioners Welfare Committee. Committee convener NP Tripathi told that about five lakh pensioners will get the benefit of this. Let us tell you that there are about 12 lakh pensioners in the state.


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