Work From Home: Employees are not ready to leave work from home and come to office, every effort of this company failed

Work From Home: Big News! Permanent work from home facility in these 7 companies, Know list here
Work From Home: Big News! Permanent work from home facility in these 7 companies, Know list here
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Work From Home: This Indian IT giant has started a campaign on social media some time ago to call the employees back to the office. However, employees say that working from home is more convenient.

Work From Home News: Work from home, which started in the Corona period, is being liked by the employees so much that now they are not ready to come back to the office. Companies are trying to somehow bring the employees back to the office. Indian IT giant TCS is also engaged in these efforts. TCS is taking the help of social media as a way to motivate employees to work in the office instead of work from home. For this, the company is posting photo-video posts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Social media campaign to bring employees to office

According to media reports, in this campaign started a few weeks ago, the software service company is trying to evoke nostalgia of office through social media posts.

The company is also using the hashtag “TogetherWeBelong” to promote work from office. This post on Instagram and many others uses this hashtag. Apart from this, employees are being motivated and the experience of working from office is being highlighted with the hashtags ‘OneTCS’ and ‘PeopleOfTCS’ on social media handles.

The company’s social media accounts are showing various office premises like TCS Think Campus Bangalore, TCS Sahyadri Park Pune. A virtual campus tour of TCS Olympus Mumbai was also posted.

Campaign not working

According to media reports, however, this campaign does not seem to have much effect. An employee working in TCS’s Bengaluru campus said that he prefers to work from home instead of working from office. He said, “While working from home is more convenient, I personally feel that I am more efficient if I do not spend time in commuting. ,

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