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Will NEET UG exam be cancelled? What will happen to the results of 1500 students? NTA gave this answer on every issue

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NEET UG Results Grace Marks: Ever since the release of NEET UG results, there has been a controversy over grace marks. Now NTA DG said in a press conference that a committee has been formed to investigate this.

NEET UG Results Grace Marks: The National Testing Agency (NTA) released the result of the NEET exam on June 4, 2024. After this, there is a lot of controversy over giving grace marks to more than 1500 candidates. Now NTA DG Subodh Singh told in a press conference that the Ministry of Education has constituted a committee to re-examine the results of more than 1,500 candidates who got grace marks in ‘NEET-UG’. This committee will submit the report within a week.

NEET UG Results Grace Marks: A committee will be formed under the chairmanship of former UPSC chairman, will give recommendations in a week

Director General Subodh Singh said, ‘The committee headed by the former chairman of UPSC will give its recommendation in a week and the results of these candidates can be revised.’ He said, “Giving grace marks has not affected the eligibility criteria of the exam and reviewing the results of the affected candidates will not affect the admission process.” Many NEET candidates have alleged that the marks have been increased due to which 67 candidates have got the first position and five of them are from the same center.

NEET UG Results Grace Marks: CCTV details have been observed, compensation should be given

On the NEET issue, Higher Education Secretary K. Sanjay Murthy said, ‘Our committee held a meeting and they have observed all the details of the centre and CCTV. They found that there was a waste of time at some centres and students should be compensated for it. The committee thought that they could address the complaints and compensate the students. So the marks of some students were increased. Due to this, concerns of some students came up as some candidates got 718 and 719 marks and 6 candidates became toppers.’

NEET UG Results Grace Marks: No paper was leaked, the exam process has been transparent

Higher Education Secretary K. Sanjay Murthy said, ‘We analysed everything carefully and released the results. Out of 4750 centres, this problem was limited to 6 centres. And out of 24 lakh students, only 1600 students faced this problem. The sanctity of this examination was not compromised across the country. No paper was leaked. The entire examination process has been very transparent.’ NTA has denied any irregularities and said that changes in NCERT textbooks and grace marks given for wasting time in the examination centre are the reason for students getting higher marks.

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