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Watch: Pakistani YouTuber Gifts His Bride A Donkey, Here’s Why

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At the wedding reception, Azlan Shah surprised his bride with a baby donkey and the reason is quite heartwarming.

Two Pakistani YouTubers, Varisha Javed Khan and Azlan Shah, recently tied the knot in a dreamy ceremony. However, the unusual gift that the Pakistani groom gave to his bride on their wedding day has captured the attention of online users. At the wedding reception, Azlan Shah surprised his bride with a baby donkey and the reason is quite heartwarming.
Sharing a picture of the gift on Instagram, Mr Shah explained the reason behind his unique present. “I always knew that @warisha.jk loves baby Donkeys so here’s a wedding gift to her from my side,” he wrote. He further clarified that the donkey’s child has not been separated from its mother, which is why he has brought her along. The bride was also overjoyed after seeing the gift and loved the baby donkey. She also caressed the baby donkey and patted her hand its his head.

See the pictures here:

The content creator also shared a video of him bringing a donkey to the wedding and gifting it to his wife. He captioned it, “The question is, why only a donkey in the gift? So the answer is that you (bride) like it and secondly, it is the most hardworking and loving animal in the world.”

The excited bride can also be heard speaking to the donkey and saying, “I will not let you remain just a donkey.” To which Mr Shah says, “I love animals, whatever people may say, donkey is my spirit animal, I love donkey, this is my gift to Warisha.”

Here’s the video:

The unusual gift from the content creator received mixed reactions from fans. While many thought of the gift as ”bizarre”, others thought that the groom’s gesture was sweet.

An Instagram user wrote, “Animals are animals. If you can pet a horse, cow, dog, even monkey or giraffe or lion etc, why can’t be other animals? Why are you being so negative about them?” Another user commented, ”Appreciate your love for animals but don’t use them as props for wedding shoots please.”

According to other pictures shared on their Instagram handles, the couple has named the baby donkey as ”Bhola”. In a picture shared a day back, the couple was seen happily posing with the donkey, and captioned it as, ”Hum aur hamara Bhola.”

See the picture here:

Pravesh Maurya
Pravesh Maurya
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