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Watch: Delhi Metro Turns Into WWE Ring As Women Slap, Punch Each Other

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Viral Video: A woman slaps another girl hard. After this, the other girl also starts hitting her.

Delhi Metro Viral Video: Fights have become very common in Delhi Metro. Every day some video comes out, in which passengers lose their temper and start fighting with each other, sometimes over seats and sometimes over some other matter. During this, many times the matter reaches to a scuffle. One such video of a fierce fight between two women in the metro is going viral these days.

In the video, two female passengers can be seen fighting with each other. First there is an argument between the two and then it escalates to a scuffle. Both of them start lashing out at each other.

After the argument, a scuffle broke out between the two women

In the viral video, it can be seen that a fierce argument starts between two women in the metro over something. Both of them verbally attack each other. One woman says, I am the jeweler, I will throw it here. Then the other says, “Show me by throwing it.”

During this, the argument between the two escalates. After this, one woman slaps the other one hard. After this, the other girl also starts hitting her. It can be seen in the video that one woman even grabs the mouth of the other one.

The video is going viral very fast

When this fierce fight was going on between women inside the metro, there was a lot of crowd present there. Looking at the video, it seems that this is of the ladies coach. Many people were seen enjoying this fight, while some even made a video of it, which is going viral on social media very fast.

People made funny comments

Many people are commenting on the viral video. One user said on this, “This is not Delhi Metro but an entertainment spot.” Another user said, “Delhi Metro is doing a very good job. Entertainment is available for free with the fare, but keep in mind that those who stop the fight also get into trouble.” Another user said, “Someone should make a film on Delhi Metro, it will be a blockbuster.”

Pravesh Maurya
Pravesh Maurya
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