VC suspension of Delhi University for the first time in 98 years, know what was the mistake of Yogesh Tyagi?


Vice Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi was suspended on 28 October on the orders of President Ramnath Kovind

M Saraswathy is the

first time in the 98-year history of Delhi University that a Vice Chancellor (VC) was suspended. VC Yogesh Tyagi was suspended on 28 October on the orders of President Ramnath Kovind. The removal of the Vice Chancellor is significant as the Education Ministry has highlighted the differences between the VC and the ministry over vacant faculty positions.

It is believed that this is why the president decided to remove VC. At the same time, the ministry was also unhappy that Yogesh Tyagi could not handle teachers’ protests properly in 2019. The government then had to intervene to resolve the matter. Yogesh Tyagi’s term is to end in March 2021.

In the order dated 28 October, the Education Ministry has said that Tyagi was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University in March 2016 but could not properly perform his duties and responsibilities.

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Moneycontrol is telling you what went wrong during Yogesh Tyagi’s tenure which led to his removal.

Many posts vacant

Under the Delhi University Act, it is the responsibility of the VC to fill the vacant posts of administration. However, the Education Ministry says that despite repeated calls, they were not appointing anyone to the posts. One such post is that of Pro Vice Chancellor, whose job is to assist the Vice Chancellor in academic and administration work. In the absence of VC, it is the responsibility of the Pro Vice Chancellor to do all his work. But the post remained vacant from June 2016 until Professor PC Joshi was appointed in June 2020. PC Joshi is now looking after the work of VC of Delhi University.

Similarly, the post of the registrar was also vacant from March to October 2020. The post of Finance Officer and Treasurer is vacant since March 2020. The post of Controller of Examination has been vacant for the last 6 years.

Temporary (Ad-hoc) appointments to key posts

The Education Ministry was also angry that Yogesh Tyagi was making temporary or Ad-Hoc appointments instead of permanent appointments to key posts. Among them were temporary appointments to the post of Dean of the College (responsibility of 90 institutions) and Director of South Campus (responsibility of 20 colleges).

On 10 October 2020, there was a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for SC / ST Welfare. The meeting expressed displeasure over the fact that Tyagi did not make appointments in the SC / ST category.

Complaint number

The Education Minister also pointed to the cases of sexual harassment against Yogesh Tyagi. Several cases have been pending against Tyagi for the last two years.

Parallel appointments

Yogesh Tyagi was admitted to AIIMS in July 2020. The government said that they neither took leave nor informed the Executive Council about their absence. The Education Minister also alleged that he did not attend many important meetings. He did not even attend the meeting to implement the National Education Policy in September.

The ministry said that the decisions they had taken while being absent at the medical ground since July 17 have been canceled. Now Yogesh Tyagi will be suspended till the next order.

what will happen now

The Education Minister will now investigate the case against Yogesh Tyagi in detail and submit a report. After that action will be taken against Tyagi based on the report.


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