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US Tourist Visa: Great news! Now job will be available on tourist visa in America, USCIS has given permission!

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US Tourist Visa: USIS has given permission to search for a job and attend an interview on a tourist visa. The agency has said that they will have to change their visa status once they get a job.

US Tourist Visa Apply: In America, if you stay on tourist visa or business visa, passengers are allowed to do jobs and attend interviews. The federal agency has said that people traveling individually can apply for the job. However, before taking up the job, they have to change their visa status. If they do not do this then their job can be lost.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services Agency said in its tweet that many people asked about whether they can look for jobs on B1 and B2 visa status, to which the answer is yes. On this visa, permission will be given to join the activity of searching for a new job and interview.

After leaving the job, it is necessary to leave the country within 60 days.

USIS said that when non-immigrants are fired, most people are not aware of their options. They are left with no option but to leave the country within 60 days. In such a situation, they can search for a job on a tourist visa. This is a big relief for non-migrants.

This work will have to be done to stay even after 60 days

If an employee loses his job and wants to stay in America officially even after 60 days, then he will have to apply under some options. This includes applying for a change in non-immigrant status, applying for an adjustment, applying for a change of employer, or applying for a new official employee document on any issue.

Information to be given before starting a new job

If you start a new job, then you can give information about the status of your visa. USCIS states that before any new employment can begin, a petition and request for a change of employment-authorized status from B-1 or B-2 must be approved, and the new status must take effect. On the other hand, if the visa status is not changed or the change is denied, then such people will have to leave the job.

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Pravesh Maurya
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