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With the increase in the trend of Unified Payment Interface (UPI), frauds related to it have also increased. Every day criminals are cheating people. If users do not make some mistakes while transacting money using UPI, then the chances of fraud with them can be reduced.

New Delhi. Unified Payment Interface (UPI) has become the most popular means of cashless transaction and online payment today. Today it is being used by millions of people. Due to the easy transaction of money, people are liking it very much. With the rise in popularity of UPI, incidents of fraud related to it are also increasing.

Criminals are cheating UPI users in many ways. Usually, by becoming a representative of the bank or any other institution, they get their personal information from the users and then take away the money from their account. Therefore, it is necessary that utmost care should be taken while receiving or giving payment from anywhere. If you take care of some things, then you will be able to save yourself from UPI fraud.

Be alert from unknown numbers
If you receive a request to receive payment from an unknown number, then ignore it. Similarly, if you also have to make payment somewhere, investigate the payment receiver thoroughly. Many people get cheated while making payments on numbers shared on social media or open web sources.

Do not enter PIN while receiving payment
Banks never ask for your PIN to receive payment. Criminals usually refer UPI users to emergency and ask you to send the payment. Whoever comes in their trap, then they ask that user to enter their PIN to receive the payment. As soon as they enter the PIN, they withdraw money from the account.

Do not ignore spam alerts
The UPI application has a spam filter. They track such payment requests which are being made repeatedly. If you also have a payment request from a similar spam ID, the UPI application warns you. This warning is very important. They should not be ignored and payment requests from such spam IDs should be rejected.

Fake UPI Application Fake UPI App is very similar to any bank’s app. If you download them by mistake, then it steals your personal data and sends it to the criminal using it. With the help of this information, they withdraw money from your account. Therefore, before downloading any UPI app, make sure that it is genuine.