Unique ID card: Now small farmers will also have a unique ID in India

Unique ID card: Now small farmers will also have a unique ID in India
Unique ID card: Now small farmers will also have a unique ID in India

What is Unique ID and how it will benefit farmers

Now even small farmers in India can have a unique ID card. This will help in identifying these farmers. At the same time, farmers will be able to take advantage of government schemes with unique ID cards. The biggest benefit from this will be that the benefit of government schemes will reach the actual eligible person, which will eliminate the role of middlemen and touts. Farmers will get direct benefit of this.

Let us tell you that like the Sambal Card of the unorganized laborers engaged in various petty jobs, now the Government of India is also making unique ID cards of the unorganized workers across the country. Under this, the database of details of about 5 crore farmers has been prepared so far, it is expected that soon the database will be completed by adding all the landholding farmers. The program was launched by the Ministry of Labor and Employment on August 25.

According to the ministry 43 across the country. 7 crore unorganized workers are working in various sectors. Now a blueprint will be prepared by dividing them according to their work so that plans for their upliftment can be made and implemented.

Unique ID card will be made for 58 lakh farmers in Jharkhand

Here in Jharkhand, 58 lakh farmers will be made unique ID cards. For this, the Jharkhand State Government has started a special scheme. Actually, Birsa Kisan Yojana has been started by Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren. Under this scheme, about 58 lakh farmers will be connected, who will be identified as Birsa Kisan. Let us inform that a unique ID card will be made under the Birsa Kisan Yojana. Along with this, the registration of farmers will also be done. The special thing about this scheme is that more and more poor farmers will be connected with it, so that those farmers can get the benefit of all the schemes related to agriculture. Under this scheme, about 58 lakh farmers will be connected, who will be identified as Birsa Kisan.

What is Kisan Unique ID Card

Unique ID of farmers This database will be linked to the land records of farmers across the country and unique farmer ID will be given. A bar code will be given in the unique ID card, which will identify the farmers. This time code can be used by agriculture officials. Through this, farmers will easily get the benefits of all government schemes. This information will be uploaded and stored separately on a server, so that it can be known that the farmer has got the benefit of which scheme. Not only this, information about all the benefits of various schemes of the central and state government can be kept in this database under the database prepared for the farmers and it can be a source of information to benefit the farmers in future.

Benefits of Unique ID Card

  • These unorganized workers will get the benefit of Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana as soon as the unique ID card is created. The cost of one year will also be borne by the government itself.
  • After preparing the blueprint of which class the unorganized labor belongs to, the budget provision can be made for them by easily implementing the social security schemes which have been run by the ministry and the government.
  • The movements of the workers and from which state they are going to which state can be easily tracked. In times of disaster, these unorganized workers can be easily helped.
  • Like taking them to their homes during the Corona period, arranging for food etc.
  • The government will also be able to create employment opportunities for them according to their class, as well as if there is a need for any particular class of laborers, then these people can also be informed through this unique ID.

Who can make a unique ID card
Small farmers, laborers engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry, fish sellers, cobblers, workers in brick kilns, house workers, street vendors, news paper vendors, car painters, plumbers, rickshaw and auto rickshaw operators, MNREGA Workers, milk vendors, transferred labour, barbers, Asha workers, tea vendors and such laborers who are not associated with any organization. All these unique IDs can be made.

How much will be the fee for making a unique ID card
All the unorganized workers have to be registered in the district also. All registration will be done through free of cost Citizen Facilitation Center. For this, the government will give Rs 20 per card to the Citizen Facilitation Center. However, if the applicant gets updated in this unique ID card later, then he will have to bear his 20 rupees himself.

Where to contact to get Unique ID (Unique ID card)
For registration, unorganized workers in the age group of 16 to 59 years can register for free by visiting the Common Service Center nearest to their village or city. The card will be given to them immediately after registration.

Documents required for registration of Unique ID card

You will need some important documents to get a unique ID card. which are as follows-

Aadhar card of applicant

  • Bank account number of the applicant (copy of first page of bank pass book)
  • Applicant’s mobile number

Applicants Attention

  • Applicant should not have PF and ESI account.
  • The applicant should not be a member of any organized group or organization.



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