Uber launches new service for office goers, will be available in seven cities

Uber launches new service for office goers, will be available in seven cities
Uber launches new service for office goers, will be available in seven cities

New Delhi: Uber Corporate Shuttle: The outbreak of Corona epidemic has subsided a bit, companies have started calling their employees to office. In such a situation, online tax aggregator Uber has started a special corporate shuttle service for the employees, in which it will allow employees to transport employees from home to office and office to home.

Uber’s Special Corporate Shuttle Service

Uber says that these special taxis will be sanitized and completely safe. This service has been started in seven cities so far, which include Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Bangalore. Corporate Shuttle is a customized commute service that Uber India is offering to various companies. There is a seating arrangement for 10-50 people in a car.

Beneficial to companies

Using Uber’s core technology to ensure a reliable, safe and cost-effective ride, the service helps companies meet their sustainability goals, thereby helping cities achieve greater sustainability, the company said in a statement. Congestion is reduced, pollution is reduced and office parking spaces are freed up.

Safety first priority

There is no higher priority than safety, Uber said, adding that the service includes a complete set of security measures. Which includes a Go Online checklist, mandatory mask policy for both riders and drivers, pre-trip mask verification selfies for drivers and mandatory driver education in the SOP.

‘Uber will meet changing needs’

Commenting on the launch of Uber Corporate Shuttle, Abhinav Mittu, Head of Uber for Business in India and South Asia, said, “At Uber, we are focused on meeting the changing needs of our customers. The Uber Corporate Shuttle helps companies put their employees first. They come to work safely without the stress of traffic jams, parking and car maintenance expenses.

By making it easier for employees to leave their cars, the service can reduce congestion, pollution in our cities, he said. It is an honor to help India get back to work safely after 20 difficult months.

The statement also said, this is the first product of Uber’s high-capacity vehicle program to be launched in India, specially designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by office-goers in India and other emerging markets. Has been done.


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