Trump’s attempt to create a fiasco in Indo-China, India said, nothing happened in Modi-Trump


New Delhi, Jayaprakash Ranjan. Creating peculiar situations for other countries and their heads of state by making false statements is not new to US President Donald Trump. He has created such a situation for India earlier and on Friday again he has given a similar statement. In a conversation with reporters in Washington, Trump said that he has spoken to Modi and Modi is not in a very good mood about China. Given the current border tension between India and China, this statement has significant significance, but as soon as the media started showing this statement, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs flatly denied that between PM Narendra Modi and President Trump Something has happened. In such a situation, the question is raised whether Trump has deliberately tried to increase misunderstanding between India and China.

Trump had tweeted two days earlier that he was willing to mediate to ease tensions running along the border between India and China. He was asked a question about this by a journalist. To which he replied, “There is a big confrontation between India and China. Both countries have more than 1.4 billion people and both have a very strong military force. India is not happy and possibly China is also not happy. Let me tell you that I talked to Modi and he is not in a good mood about China.

Shortly after Trump’s statement, sources in the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said, “There has been no contact between PM Modi and President Trump in recent times.” The last interaction between them was on 4 April 2020 regarding hydroxchloroquine. We have already made it clear that we are directly in touch with China through already established arrangements and diplomatic methods. ”

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It is not clear why Trump has made such statements. Experts say that Trump has taken a completely harsh stand against China regarding Kovid-19. Not only is he constantly making rhetoric against China, but in the last ten days, he has announced several measures which are spoiling the relationship between the US and China. For example, the Trump administration has announced in a way that its Cold War with China is going on. America’s attitude towards Hong Kong and Taiwan is troubling to China. At the same time, Trump has also talked about ending the business deal with China. On the other hand, India has also made it clear that it is willing to settle the border dispute with China on its own.

Significantly, in the first week of May 2020, Chinese troops have tried to sneak into the Indian border at least three places in the border areas adjacent to India. Five thousand of his soldiers are making temporary camps in the Indian border in an area of ​​eastern Ladakh. In view of this challenge, India has started deploying more troops there. Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Narwane had also gone to Ladakh to review the situation. India and China say that this border dispute will be resolved through negotiations. Meanwhile, India has also turned down the US arbitration proposal.