Transport Department new rule: Important News! Before installing CNG kit in the truck, know the new rule

Transport Department new rule: Important News! Before installing CNG kit in the truck, know the new rule
Transport Department new rule: Important News! Before installing CNG kit in the truck, know the new rule

The prices of diesel and petrol in the country have been increasing continuously for the last several days. Troubled by the rising prices of diesel and petrol, especially commercial vehicles such as trucks, tippers, pickups, three wheelers, car owners have also started installing CNG kits for fuel savings. 

Although at present, all vehicle owners and vehicle manufacturers are being encouraged by the government to go for electric vehicles, but after installing CNG kits in trucks and cars with state-of-the-art hybrid engines, a problem is coming to the fore. When people go to the Regional Transport Office after getting the CNG kit installed, they come to know that the option of petrol and battery has already been given in its registration whereas as the third option, CNG cannot be given any place in the registration card. In such a situation people are compelled to visit RTO related dealers.

Let us inform here that due to the high prices of diesel and petrol, the number of people installing CNG kits in vehicles is increasing very fast. Even many people are buying only CNG fitted vehicles. On the other hand, it is difficult to update the registration card due to the hybrid engine of the car or truck. Let us tell here that there are some special rules for getting CNG kit installed by the Transport Department too, if these are informed in advance, then you will not be bothered in vain to get the CNG kit installed in your vehicle.

RTO sought advice from headquarters 

After getting the CNG kit installed in the vehicles, apart from making rounds of the RTO, many such people are also reaching the automobile showroom who have recently got CNG installed. They demand to enter it in the documents of the car. According to the RTO department, after talking to the smart chip company regarding such a problem, advice has also been sought from the headquarters.

Reality comes to know by going to RTO office

Let us tell here that if a truck or other vehicle owner gets a CNG kit installed in his vehicle, then he gets to know the reality only after going to the RTO department. This is the reality of having a hybrid engine in his car. In such a situation, the RTO department cannot update it. Most of the people have got CNG kit installed due to lack of information but now they are facing problems. Distressed vehicle owners are demanding from the RTO that they should be given in writing that their vehicle is not hybrid and is powered by petrol. On the other hand, the RTO department says that it is not possible to do so in writing.

Insurance company can deny the claim

If after buying a vehicle, you want to make any changes in your vehicle, then it is mandatory to give this information to the RTO department office. Not only this, you must also inform the insurance company about this in time. If this is not done, then you will apply for a claim in case of vehicle accident, then the insurance company can directly reject your claim claim.

There is a risk of fire from CNG kit 

There is a high risk of fire in CNG vehicles in the country. There have been many such incidents. Concerned over these incidents, the International Road Federation, a road safety body, has urged the Union Ministry of Surface Transport and Highways to immediately implement stringent technical requirements, including digital monitoring system, for subsequent installation of CNG kits in cars already plying on the roads.

Vehicle owners with CNG kit should keep these things in mind

  • CNG reducer cartridges should be replaced after 20,000 kms and low pressure cartridges after 40,000 kms.
  • In areas where the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, CNG cars should not be parked in the sun for a long time.
  • Customers are advised not to overfill the tank to the maximum limit. Due to thermal extension in hot climate, such advice is given.
  • Get the authorized CNG kit installed from the government authorized CNG station itself and check the expiry date of the cylinder.
  • Never get local brand CNG kit installed.
  • The tank of CNG kit should be serviced every six months.

These are the advantages of CNG as a motor vehicle 

In the automobile sector, there are many advantages of installing a CNG kit as a motor vehicle. Firstly, the operating cost of CNG kit is reduced. It does not cause pollution. Fuel is saved. In addition, the life of the lubricated oil is increased. Auto ignition high temperature of 540 centigrade is available.

Cost of conversion kit for cng vehicles 

If you are looking to get a CNG kit installed in your vehicle, then it is important that you should be fully aware of its cost. Let us inform here that the cost of CNG conversion kit for three wheeler and four wheeler is around Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000, while for buses and trucks its cost is estimated to be Rs 3 lakh. It should also be mentioned here that even after installing CNG kit in a vehicle, petrol carburetor and fuel tank can be kept in that vehicle. If needed, the vehicle can be run on either CNG or petrol by turning the switch on the dash board. Thus the vehicle can be run on dual fuel.


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