Taxpayers facing these problems in income tax return filing are also troubled by penalty notices

ITR Filing: Important information of Income Tax Department regarding income tax return file, check complete details
ITR Filing: Important information of Income Tax Department regarding income tax return file, check complete details

The Income Tax Department launched a new e-filing portal for filing income tax returns in June with a lot of enthusiasm. It was claimed that instead of an average of two months, the return would be processed in a day. And the refund process will be very quick.

  1. Chartered Accountant Kailash Goduka says that the biggest problem is that there are problems in login on the new e-filing portal for filing income tax returns. One has to struggle for hours just to login. After login, it gets automatically logged out again and again, due to which the whole exercise becomes useless.
  2. The second biggest problem is that of Return Filing Digital Signature. Important digital signatures are not being registered for filing income tax returns and other requirements. In such a situation, the whole exercise of income tax return becomes useless.
  3. Goduka said that even the 26AS form download on the new e-filing portal is not possible many times. In this form, the details of tax deducted ie TDS or TCS (TDS TCS) of an income tax payer from all sources. But due to not downloading it, nothing like taking liability, refund gets done.
  4. The government has extended the date for filing the tax return or demand, but interest on the amount of Individual Taxpayers or Corporate Taxpayers who have tax liability of more than one lakh rupees, from July onwards. is being charged. When Income Tax Portal is not working then from where to deposit tax. When we are not able to calculate the tax then how to know whether it is less or more. The Income Tax Department is continuously passing orders of penalty, but when the site is not working then where will the answer be given. How will the liability be paid?
  5. Many times Income Tax Return is filed, but it is not visible. Even if it appears after several days, then the download is not possible. This creates confusion whether the tax return has been filed or not.
  6. The demand for old tax liability is coming, the taxpayer pays it too, but by visiting the Income Tax Portal, we are not able to inform that the tax demand has been paid through such challan. Is. The tab to give information about this is not opening.
  7. Tax experts say that the latest status of the old tax appeal is not known. The details of the payment of the liability or the status of the application are also not available on the Vivad se Samadhan Scheme which was launched by the government. Due to this, businessmen are upset that what is the status of their certificate, it is not known.
  8. The helpline number or mail is also not getting help to overcome the problems in return filing. Screenshots are asked in case of any technical snag and then after two days the reply comes that we are working on it, but there is no relief.
  9. Experts say that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has given Infosys a moratorium till September 15 to overcome the problems of filing tax returns. Whereas the Income Tax Return Last Date for filing tax return is currently 30 September. In such a situation, there is a strong possibility of increasing the date of filing the return.
  10. Tax experts say that the crucial time of three months has passed. If there were problems in the new portal then the old portal should have been continued till then. When the new e-filing portal started functioning smoothly then the old one would be closed.


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