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Tax refunds, till OTP is not received, these 9 problems coming on the new website to file income tax return

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Many types of problems are still coming on the website made for filing income tax return. Apart from this, taxpayers, tax consultants and chartered accountants are finding it difficult to work on this website. So far these problems have not been resolved.

Regarding the new income tax, the central government had claimed that it would be easier to file income tax returns than before. It is believed that after the launch of the new website, everyone can file income tax on their own. But, the situation so far does not appear to be living up to the expectations. Tax consultants and chartered accountants have also complained about the new website of Income Tax. They are also not satisfied about it.

In such a situation, if you have not filed ITR yet, then complete this work as soon as possible. Waiting till the deadline can be overwhelming for you. You should file income tax return on time and prepare yourself for the flaws of the new website, in view of this, we are telling you which problem is coming the most on this website.

Registering: Taxpayers who have registered for the first time with the Income Tax Department are facing problems on this new website. They are unable to register themselves. Complaints are coming about non-registration of PAN number. Many times it happens that there is no response on the webpage.

OTP not received: If you have forgotten the password of your login ID on the Income Tax web portal, you may still face problems. Because the option of ‘forget password’ is not working properly. Even if you try to change the password with the help of your registered mobile number and mail id, then OTP does not come. Your account will be blocked if you enter the wrong password three times.

No pre-filled information in ITR forms: The details of income earned from interest income, capital gains and dividends etc., as per the system, should be already filled in the income tax forms. But this information has not been filled in the forms given on the web portal. In some cases, the information given in Form 26-AS also does not match with the ITR forms.

Remittance problem: If a client has to do foreign remittance work, then their chartered accountant has to submit Form 15CB to the bank. However, now it is not available on the new portal. Form 15CA/15CB has not been made available yet. However, the tax department has allowed these forms to be filled in physical form. But it is time consuming process.

No Respond to Complaints: At the time of launch of this website, it was the Ministry of Finance that had promised a call center to assist the taxpayers to resolve all their grievances. Detailed FAQ, User Manuals, Chatbot/Live Agent was also to be arranged on this website.

Profile Update: Many taxpayers are not able to complete their profile up to 100% on the new Income Tax website. Due to not being able to do this, they are not getting the benefit of many facilities.

Tax Refunds: The Income Tax Returns filed for FY 2020 are yet to be processed. If tax refunds are not received, then taxpayers have to file rectification also, but as of now this option is also not available. However, it is expected that the returns will be cleared in a few weeks.

Re-registration of Digital Signature: The existing taxpayers had digital signature registered on the old website. But now these taxpayers are facing problem in re-registration for digital signature again.

Not all ITR forms available: One of the biggest problems with the income tax portal is that till now only ITR-1, 2 and 4 are available on it. Till now ITR-3, 5, 6 and 7 forms are also not available. ITR-1 and ITR-4 are being filled easily. But there is a problem in filling ITR-2. Other forms will be made available very soon. No information has come from CBDT in this regard.



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