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Student Visa Apply Details: Want to study in foreign college? Know how to apply for student visa – know everything

Visa Application: Good news for Air passengers! Now Visa facility of these countries will also be available from here
Visa Application: Good news for Air passengers! Now Visa facility of these countries will also be available from here
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If you are also planning to study abroad, then you will need a Student Visa. Student visa is necessary to apply in the top institute of the world.

Study visa or student visa is a special kind of permit. Which is issued for the students going to study abroad. The government there gives it in the form of a permit to the students who come to study here. With the help of Student Visa, any student can go to the country where they have to study. This is a kind of multiple entry visa. With the help of this, students can easily travel between their home country and study destination. This type of visa is given for a short period of time. That’s why they are also known as Temporary Resident Visa. The student gets this visa on the basis of the duration of his course. Its duration can be from a few months to a few years. Student visa is also given for short term programs under schools. You can apply for student visa for any country.

What are the required documents

To apply for student visa, first of all you need to have an offer from a good university. Only after this you can go for further process of visa. The rules of each country may be different for applying for student visa. Like the student of India has to give proof of being fluent in English language. For this, students have to give exams like TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Along with this, there are many other important processes for the application of visa.

Proof of admission

The first and foremost document is proof of admission in your college or university. For this you must have an offer letter related to admission. After accepting the offer, you can give the admission letter to the authority.

Complete Visa Application
According to the rules of your country, you can fill the visa application form. Fill it and submit it to the embassy of that country.

Educational documents

Keep all the records related to your education with you. For example, from the previous degree, diploma, mark sheet to the record of the recent institute from which you passed out.

Work experience

For research and postgraduate course, you also need to have work experience related to that subject.

Passport validity

While applying for the visa, it is important to take care of the validity of your passport. Some countries require a valid passport until the end of the program. In this case, you must update your passport.

Language test

To get a student visa from India, it is necessary to pass exams like TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Your score will play a major role in the selection of your university.

It is necessary to be financial strong

At the time of applying for student visa, keep in mind that you have a good amount of money. Most countries ask for your last six months bank statement while granting visa. It is necessary to be financially strong for the expenses ranging from tuition fees to living abroad.

Travel medical insurance

While applying for student visa, institutes from countries like Germany, Australia and USA mostly ask for travel insurance for the entire course period. That’s why it is important to have your travel insurance. Apart from this, according to the rules of different countries, some legal documents may also be required.

How to apply

For this you have to pay the student visa fee. It is decided according to different countries. You can get information about the fees by visiting the embassy of that country. You can also pay the visa fee online. You can pay the fees by filling the form. After this you contact the nearest embassy. And schedule your interview.

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