Sir ! In lockdown, Shauhar gave three divorces … Now where do I go; Shagufta police station reached in injured condition


Ranchi, Jas. Three divorce cases have come to light in Ranchi on Tuesday. Married to Shandafta Parveen, a resident of Doranda, husband Mo. Imran divorced three. This situation came when the son asked to buy a kite and scolded the child. Wife got involved with husband in this dispute. Allegations of illegal relationship also. Meanwhile, both of them got into a fight, after which the husband divorced.

According to the information, on Tuesday evening, if there was a dispute between husband and wife on giving money to buy son kite during Iftari. The matter grew so much that the fight started between the husband and wife. The victim was also injured in this incident. This is husband Imran divorces him and throws him out of the house. After this, the victim reached Darenda police station directly and informed the police about the whole incident.

After this, police have started investigating the case. However, the Doranda police station in-charge has said that the matter is a dispute between husband and wife. There is a fight between the two. The victim has also imposed an illicit relationship with another woman on her husband. Only after examining the whole matter can something be said.

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Married 12 years ago, there was often a dispute

According to the information, the victim Shagufta was married to Imran 12 years ago. There has often been controversy after this. A year ago the Panchayat was also sitting, in which there was a reconciliation between the two. After a few days, there was a dispute between the two again. During the iftar in the evening, there has been a dispute between the two about something. Here, the divorcing husband, Mo. Imran has said that since marriage, there is a dispute over trivial matters. At times, it was also compromised. However in-laws have also been fueling the dispute. There has also been pressure to write home. Conflict starts even after agreement on every dispute. Pressure has always been created by threatening the police station and the court.

This is how a dispute happened and said three divorces

Mo. Imran and Shagufta have two children. On Tuesday evening, a son bought a kite and brought it. Kite was also asking for another child. The controversy started and the argument started. The big controversy that ensued, led to the fight and ended the relationship by saying triple talaq. According to the husband, his wife Shagufta threw a hand at him. Then she divorced him.


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