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School Holiday December 2023: Big relief news for school students, Schools will remain closed for so many days in December, see the list of holidays

School Reopening 2024: Schools will open from today after winter vacation in Delhi, classes will start from this date in these states
School Reopening 2024: Schools will open from today after winter vacation in Delhi, classes will start from this date in these states
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School Holidays In December: How many holidays will there be in the month of December and on which dates will schools be closed? How many festivals are falling in the last month of the year? See the complete list of holidays here.

List of school holidays in december month: There is only a little time left for the month of November to end. This month, due to many big festivals from Diwali to Chhath, children celebrated a lot of holidays. Now December is about to start and this question is coming in everyone’s mind that for how many days will the schools remain closed in this month. Although generally there are no special holidays in the month of December, but it may differ according to the state and schools. Everyone has their own rules but today we are talking about some common holidays.

Will get holidays on Christmas

It is mainly the schools’ own decision as to which school will remain closed for how many days on Christmas. For example, in some schools winter holidays begin from this date while in others there is a holiday of one or two days. However, this time Christmas is falling on Monday. In such a situation, those children who are closed on Saturday in schools will get three consecutive days leave. They will celebrate the holiday from Saturday 23rd December to Monday 25th December.

Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti

It cannot be said with certainty that all schools will be closed on this day. Some schools remain closed on this day and some remain open. If you get a holiday at your place then it can be on 20th December 2023 on Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti.

We will get so many Sundays also

Apart from this, there will be 5 Sundays in the month of December. According to this, schools will remain closed on 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 December. If 31st December is Sunday, then weekend planning can be done from Saturday itself. During this period, winter vacations also start in many schools. Therefore, there will be no special holidays in the month of December except winter vacation (if it starts at this time) and Sunday.

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