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SBI New Update : Account getting empty after replying to this message, Check alert immediately

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SBI Update – If you are also an SBI account holder, then this news is to alert you. If SBI customers reply to this message, then their account can be empty.. Let’s know this update of SBI in detail.

Fake messages are being received by State Bank of India (SBI) customers about account closure. Alerting the customers about this, it has been said that the customers should not reply to those fake messages. This message is fake and the customers replying to it and giving the information sought may be victims of fraud.

Know about SBI customer fake message-

In the message sent to SBI customers, it is written that Dear SBI user, your YONO account will be blocked today. Please click on the link to update your PAN card number.

What should SBI customers do?

Customers are cautioned never to respond to emails/SMS asking to share their banking details. If you receive any such message, report it immediately to ‘report.phishing@sbi.co.in’.

Do not share personal information-

According to the SBI website, do not divulge any personal details including account numbers, passwords, or sensitive information through messages, as these can be used for fraud.

Warning to SBI customers-

SBI account holders should exercise caution if they receive a text message expressing an urgent need to update their information, activate an account, or verify their identity by calling a phone number or providing information on a web site. These messages may be part of a phishing scam. This is being done by fraudsters to get your confidential account information and commit fraud.

Where to report on receiving fake messages or messages-

To report any cyber incident, the customer can send an email to report.phishing@sbi.co.in. The bank said that you can also call the cybercrime helpline number 1930. For more information, you can visit https://cybercrime.gov.in/.

Pravesh Maurya
Pravesh Maurya
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