SBI Alert: SBI New Cheque Book Order Rules Change, You Can Get Cheque Book With These Ways, Check Here All Details

Changes from 1st October: These important rules will change from 1st October, Quick View Details
Changes from 1st October: These important rules will change from 1st October, Quick View Details

State Bank of India sends ckhecbook to its customers through India Post and for some reason they are unable to get the Chequebook, then after that you have to contact your home branch.

If you have an account in State Bank of India ie SBI, then you can apply for Cheque book through online medium. Now there is no need to go to the bank to order a new Cheque book and you can order the Cheque book through online mode or through ATM. After this the bank sends the new Cheque book to your registered number. But, many times customers complain that they have not received the Chequebook after several days of applying for the Chequebook.

Although the bank sends the Chequebook to the address registered in your account, but due to some reason the Chequebook does not reach your home, then you can get the Chequebook in other ways also. In such a situation, know in which ways you can take a Chequebook and what are the rules of the bank regarding Chequebook. Know the special things related to Chequebook…

Recently, a customer also complained through Twitter account that it is time for him to order the Chequebook and he has not received the Chequebook yet. After this SBI replied through the official Twitter account and told what are the rules of the bank regarding Chequebooks and how a new Cheque book of the bank can be obtained.

How to get Cheque book

SBI Bank said, ‘Keep in mind that the Cheque book is delivered according to the address mentioned on the slip through India Post and at the time of dispatch, the customer receives the message along with the consignment number. Delivery depends on the geographical condition and normally it takes 7 days for the Cheque book to be delivered. In such a situation, contact your area post office and if your Cheque book is returned, it will reach your home branch, where you can collect it by submitting your KYC documents and passbook.

Get limited Cheques

Explain that SBI gives limited Cheques of one year to its customers. If you use more Cheques than this, then you have to pay a charge for the new Cheque book. At present SBI is giving the least number of Cheques to the customers, so SBI customers need to pay more attention. Based on the number of Cheque books given by SBI to the bank, the bank gives only 0.83 Cheques per month to the customers i.e. not even a whole Cheque. Actually, the bank gives only 10 Cheques to the customers in a year and according to that the customers should give the Cheques. If you need more cheques then you will have to get a new Cheque book by depositing the fee.

How much is the charge for a new Cheque book?

If you want to get a new Cheque book from the bank, then you will have to pay Rs 40 and GST for a Cheque book of 10 Cheques. There itself. To get a Cheque book of 40 Cheques, a fee of Rs 75 plus GST will have to be paid. In such a situation, use the Cheque only when it is needed more, otherwise you will have to pay extra for every Cheque.


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