Railway News Alert! It is necessary to give this information while booking tickets, the change in the reservation form


New Delhi, Business Desk. In this period of Corona crisis, the railway has started working with all the precaution to take the countrymen from one place to another. Indian Railways is operating trains on various routes. Realizing the need of the times, the Railways have made all kinds of changes. Reservation form has also been changed in this link. Its goal is to get as much information as possible about every passenger so that passengers can be easily contacted when needed. 

Now it is necessary to give this information to book tickets

If you have not logged into your IRCTC account for a long time, it is important for you to know that your mobile number and email id can be asked to verify while logging in. Also, in case the mobile number and email id are not already verified, you can be asked to do so. 

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Now let’s talk about ticket booking form. Railways have made some necessary changes in the form of ticket booking, which will be applicable on online booking as well as over counter booking. Now you have to fill the complete address related to the destination while reserving the ticket. For example, address, postcode, city, district and state. Its goal is to simplify contact tracing of passengers when needed.

It is necessary to write full name while booking tickets

Along with this, while booking tickets from IRCTC, you are being asked to write the full name of the passenger. For example, people used to book tickets by writing only the first letter and surname. However, it was necessary to write the full name while booking tickets from the counter. Now it has also been made mandatory for online booking. 


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