PUBG Mobile India may launch as Battlegrounds Mobile India

    The developers have quietly changed the name of PUBG Mobile India to Battlegrounds Mobile India on Facebook and YouTube ahead of the release.

     PUBG Mobile India launch date is expected to be announced soon. While we wait for the launch date announcement, it looks like PUBG Mobile India would launch as Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company has changed the name on the official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

    PUBG Mobile developers Krafton have been working on the PUBG Mobile India launch. The exact launch date is yet to be announced. However, it seems like that the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch is imminent. The developers have quietly changed the name of PUBG Mobile India to Battlegrounds Mobile India ahead of the release. The said changes can be spotted on the company’s official Facebook page handle and YouTube channel.

    Krafton, the developers of PUBG Mobile, is expected to announce the Battlegrounds Mobile India release date very soon. The developers had recently dropped the PUBG Mobile India official teaser video, which was deleted minutes after going live.

    The launch date of PUBG Mobile India has been rumoured for quite a while. The popular battle royale was initially expected to launch late last year. However, reports suggested that the developers are yet to get a clearance from the Indian government. To recall, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were two of the hundred-plus apps banned in India in early September owing to data security concerns.

    Developers had said that they would maximise data security for players and adhere to the local regulations. Game developers had also said that PUBG Mobile India would feature customised in-game content to reflect “local needs”. The new changes coming to PUBG Mobile India will include clothing on new characters, green hit effects instead of red, and a virtual simulation training ground setting.

    The PUBG Corporation and parent company Krafton are planning to make investments to the tune of $100 million in India to “cultivate the local video game, e-sports, entertainment, and IT industries”.

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