Prince Narula’s father, wife Yuvika Chaudhary and sister Geetika still admitted after treatment for dengue


Popular couple Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary are going through difficult times these days. A few days ago, his entire family, including Prince-Yuvika, was hospitalized due to viral disease dengue from where a picture was also revealed. Now good news has come out of the hospital that after the recovery of Prince’s father, he has got permission to go home. On the other hand, the wife and other members are still in the hospital.

Couple’s entire family was ill for the last few days after which everyone was tested. Tests had revealed that Prince, Yuvika, Prince’s father, sister Geetika and her son Rishabh have dengue after which all were hospitalized for treatment. It is now being told that the actor’s father Joginder Pal Narula has fully recovered from dengue after which he has been discharged from the hospital. The other family is taking time to recover.

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Prince recently shared a picture of the hospital with an Instagram account in which he was seen hugging the young man. With this, the Roadies judge has described this viral disease as very painful. The actor told that if any one member of the house also gets this disease, then the whole family can fall into it. In such a situation, Prince has advised everyone to wear masks and not to eat outside.

On October 12, Prince and Yuvika have completed two years of marriage. Both of them kept a small celebration at home while they were sick. While sharing the picture, Yuvika said that since both are ill this year, there has not been any celebration this year.



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