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Post Office New Service: Good News! Post office started new service for PPF, NSC, SSY and others post office scheme, check full benefits

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For the convenience of its millions of customers, the Indian Post Office has launched a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service. Customers can take advantage of this service from their phones. 

Through this service, customers can use this service to get information about interest received on investment, ATM card block, issue of new cards and PPF, NSC etc. This service will help lakhs of people belonging to the rural areas of the country. They will be able to get the necessary information easily through their mobile number.

Issued toll free number

Indian Post has also released a toll free number to avail this service. Now from here you can get detailed information about PPF, NSC, Sukanya Samriddhi or other schemes from IVR. For this, the customer has to call India Post’s toll free number 18002666868 from his registered mobile number.

Savings account holders can also use

Customers who have a savings account with the post office department can also avail the IVR service. In this they will get all the options. Customers will get information in both Hindi and English languages. From here customers will get the account balance information. For that they have to press the number five. You have to press 6 to block the card. After that you have to enter the card number. After that the account number has to be given.

Can also be used for ATM

For ATM information, 3 has to be pressed. You have to press 2 for new ATM. One must press to change the PIN of the card. Hash (#) to repeat option and star for previous menu. You have to press 4 for more information on Poster Saving Product.

What is IVR service

Interactive Voice Response is a telephone system with voice commands. It is through this that customers interact. It is used at banks and many other customer care. In this, the answers to the questions of the customers are found on the phone itself and there is no need to go to the branch.

Pravesh Maurya
Pravesh Maurya
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