PM Modi gives five ‘I’ formula for self-reliant India, aims to strengthen economy


New Delhi, Business Desk.The government is constantly trying to boost the coronavirus epidemic that is boosting the Indian economy. Taking this link forward, on Tuesday, PM Narendra Modi addressed the annual meeting of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). During this time the PM said that our government considers the private sector as a partner in the development journey of the country. He said, to bring India back on the path of rapid development, 5 things are very important to build a self-reliant India. These five things – Intent, Intention, Inclusion, Investment, Investment, Infrastructure and Innovation means Innovation. He s

aid that every need of the stakeholders associated with the self-reliant India campaign will be taken care of. They said to you, I constantly communicate with all the stakeholders and this will continue. Take full advantage of investment in the rural economy and opening the way for partnerships with farmers.  

India is exporting metro coaches

The PM said, now necessary infrastructure is being prepared for clusters of local agro products near the village. There are many opportunities for all members of CII. He said, the country is exporting metro coaches today. The country has built a train like Vande Bharat. Only in the last three months, the industry of crores of PPE has been created by Indian entrepreneurs.

Hundreds of crores of PPE kit industry in the country in 3 months

Modi said, I would say very proudly that you have created hundreds of crores of industry of PPE within just 3 months. PM Modi said that several primary sectors have been identified to make Make in India a major medium of employment in the country. Work has also started on three sectors. PM Modi said, “There is a need to create products in the country that are made in India and made for the world.”

The Prime Minister said, we now have to invest in building a strong local supply chain that strengthens India’s share in the global supply chain. In this campaign, a big organization like CII will also have to come forward in a new role after Corona.

PM Modi said, ‘Indian industry has a clear path – the road to self-reliant India. Self-reliant India will also be fully integrated and supportive of the world economy. We have to build such a local supply chain, which will play a major role in the global supply chain. He said, the world is looking for a reliable partner, India has potential, strength.

Today, all of you, the industry of India, should take full advantage of the confidence that has been restored for India all over the world. Self-sufficient India means that we have to become stronger and show the world. PM Modi said, ‘India has done well for humanity by sending medicines to more than 150 countries in times of Corona crisis. Today the industry should take advantage of the trust that has been created in the world towards India. Keeping in mind the welfare of our workers, labor reforms are also being done to increase employment opportunities. Non-strategic areas in which the private sector was not allowed, have also been opened.

MSME sector redefined

The Prime Minister said, the direction in which the government is moving, be it our mining sector, energy sector or research and technology, industry will also get opportunities in every field and new doors of employment will be opened for the youth. The demand for clarifying the definition of MSMEs, which industry had been making for a long time, has been fulfilled. This will enable MSMEs to do their business without any worry and they will not have to follow other routes to maintain the status of MSMEs.

PM Modi said, ‘Private sector participation is also becoming a reality in the strategic sector of the country. In sectors such as space, nuclear power, every opportunity awaits entrepreneurs. There has been a demand for changing the definition of MSME for a long time. Our government has done this work. Labor reforms are also being done keeping in mind the welfare of workers. We are also taking decisions that were being demanded for years, following the path of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Faith.

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Who has such a large coal reserves, yet coal comes from outside in that country, it is a matter of thinking. Sometimes the government remained obstructed and sometimes policies. The government has worked to free the coal sector from these restrictions. In agriculture, the rules that became the rules after independence, the farmers were left in the hands of middlemen. The government has tried to free farmers from decades of injustice. The farmer can now sell his crop on his own terms. He can go to any state and sell his crop.

Re-strengthening the economy against Corona is one of our highest priorities. For this, the government is taking the decision that needs to be taken immediately. And at the same time such decisions have been taken which will help the country in the long run. Under these decisions, we have prepared all the sectors for the future. Reforms for us have been systematic, plant, integrated and interconnected. He said, to bring India back on the path of rapid development, 5 things are very important to build a self-reliant India. Intent, Inclusion, Investment, Infrastructure and Innovation.

Modi said that the government has contributed 24 per cent PF to the PF account of 50 lakh employees. Re-strengthening the economy against Corona is one of our highest priorities. We have also taken decisions that will help the country in the long run. Ration has reached the homes of 74 crore beneficiaries under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana. Ration is also being delivered to the homes of migrant laborers. More than 53 thousand crore rupees have been given to the poor. Everyone has benefited from this scheme. The government has delivered more than 8 crore cylinders to the poor at their home.

Free ration is being transported for migrant workers. Apart from this, financial assistance has been given to poor families to the tune of Rs 53 thousand crore. Regarding the self-reliant India campaign, I also believe that churning will happen in your mind, it is natural. Strengthening the economy among the corona is one of the government’s key priorities.

No matter how much the corona has slowed the pace of the economy, the truth is that India has overtaken the corona to reach Unlock-1. When Corona virus was spreading in the world, India has taken the right steps at the right time at the right time. The lockdown in India has had a widespread impact. India has not only prepared the physical resources but has also tried to save human resources. India has entered Unlock-1. A lot of the economy has opened up in it. More things are set to open from June 8. In this way, the gating growth back has started.

The PM said that on the one hand we have to take strict steps to fight this virus, on the other hand, the economy of the country also has to move forward. On the one hand, to take care of the countrymen, on the other hand, the economy also has to speed up. The PM said that there are many reasons for my confidence in this hour of crisis. I trust India’s capacity, talent, technology, innovation, crisis management, entrepreneurs, industry leaders.