Passport for cash: These countries offer citizenship in exchange of money


    Here’s a list of a few countries that provide citizenship or a residency permit if you invest a substantial amount of money.

    Handpicked a number of countries where Indians can legitimately purchase citizenship or residency permit if they invest a substantial amount of money.
    1-Antigua & Barbuda |Minimum Investment: US$ 250,000 | Residency Requirements: five days within a five-year period

    2-Canada | Minimum investment:CA$ 800,000 | Residency requirements: 730 days within a five-year period.

    3-United States | Minimum investment:

    $500,000 | Residency requirements: 180 days/year.

    4-United Kingdom | Minimum investment:

    $500,000 | Residency requirements (equivalent to): 185 days/year.

    5-Switzerland | Minimum investment:

    CHF 250,000/yr | Residency Requirements: None

    6-Portugal | Minimum investment:

    €500,000| Residency requirements: Seven days/year.

    7-Spain | Minimum investment:

    €500,000 | Residency requirements: None

    8-France | Minimum investment:

    €10 million | Residency requirements: NA

    9-New Zealand | Minimum Investment:

    NZ$ 1.5 million | Residency requirements: 146 days/year

    Australia | Minimum investment:

    AU$ 5 million | Residency requirements: 40 days/year.


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