Pakistan again makes a vain attempt, questions raised on Ram temple construction in Adhyadha


Islamabad / New Delhi, Agencies. Pakistan has once again tried to interfere in India’s internal affairs, trying to pollute it. Pakistan has criticized India for starting construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. On the other hand, Ayodhya saints have been infuriated by Pakistan’s remarks. In this case, from saints to Iqbal Ansari, a party to a controversial structure, has instructed Pakistan. He said that Pakistan does not interfere in our internal affairs, otherwise we will continue to build a Ram temple in Islamabad. 

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Wednesday, saying that while the world is battling the corona virus epidemic. At the same time, the RSS-BJP is busy with the agenda of Hindutva. The beginning of temple construction in Adhyadhya is another step in this direction. It shows how Muslims are being marginalized in the country. The Government of Pakistan and its people strongly condemn it.

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India has repeatedly rejected Pakistan’s comments 

India has repeatedly rejected inappropriate and meaningless comments made by Pakistan on the Supreme Court’s decision on the Ram temple. It says that this decision of the Supreme Court of India is a purely internal matter. 

Last year, the Supreme Court gave a decision in favor of construction of Ram temple 

The Supreme Court of India, in its judgment in the Ram Janmabhoomi title case on November 9 last year, said that the entire 2.77 acres of the disputed land be handed over to the deity Ram Lala, who was one of the three parties. Apart from this, there was talk of giving separate land for construction of mosque in Ayodhya. A five-judge constitutional bench of the Supreme Court ruled in this case 5–0.   


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