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Pakistan: After eight months of court order, hen gets rid of police custody, know what is the matter

After eight months in Pakistan, the hen has been released from police custody.
A claimant had requested the court to hand over the chicken to him.

Pakistan: A chicken in district Ghotki of Sindh province has been released from police custody after eight months. Police conducted raids during the game of fowl and took custody along with the owners. In the last few months, in turn all the accused were released on bail while no one claimed the hens.

The chicken was released from the police after eight months

The police kept five hens in custody as a property case. During this time the chickens remained a headache for the policemen. The cops had to spend money from their own pockets when they were fed. The police used to buy millet of 100 rupees per day. A police officer was entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of the hens. On becoming ill or lethargic, he was ordered to be treated by a doctor.

Care was taken to protect the hens from the attack of cats and dogs. On the other hand, he was also afraid of the displeasure of the court. To protect the hens from harm, instead of lockup or consignment, rope was kept in the open space. In the four provinces of Pakistan and especially in rural areas, the fighting of the hens is a means of entertainment of the people. Betting is done on the fight of the rooster.

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The law provides for maximum one-year imprisonment and fine of 500 rupees on gambling. A few months ago, police raided two different places with 24 people and detained five hens. Zafar Meerani, a resident of Ghotki, requested the civil judge’s court to hand over the chicken. He told the court that he had to stay in Karachi in connection with some work.

On the court’s order, the police assigned the claimant

Therefore, the ownership of the hen taken in police custody could not be claimed. Therefore, an appeal is made to the court that the rooster be handed over to him. The court granted the appeal of the complainant and ordered the police to hand over the rooster to the claimant. The Zarwar police handed over the cock to Zafar on the court’s order.


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