NPS Investment: Deposit Rs. 4200 every month, Get Rs. 90 lakh in lump sum and Rs. 30,000 monthly pension after the age of 60, also Tax Benefits

NPS Pension: Good News! You will get Rs 2 lakh pension every month after retirement, Know calculation
NPS Pension: Good News! You will get Rs 2 lakh pension every month after retirement, Know calculation
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National Pension System: If you work in private sector and want pension after retirement, then National Pension System (NPS) is a superhit scheme for you. Apart from saving income tax by investing in this scheme, the amount received on maturity is also tax free. At the same time, after retirement, pension is guaranteed every month.

National Pension System: How to open NPS account?

Two types of accounts are opened under NPS Tier-1 and Tier-2. Tier-1 is a retirement account, while Tier-2 is a voluntary account, in which any salaried person can start investing on his own behalf. Tier-2 account opens only after Tier-1 account is opened.

National Pension System: Minimum investment in NPS account

A minimum contribution of Rs 500 will have to be made for opening an NPS Tier-1 account and a minimum contribution of Rs 1000 for a Tier-2 account. Earlier the limit was Rs 6,000, which was reduced to Rs 1,000. If the minimum annual investment is not made, the account is frozen and deactivated.

National Pension System: Rs 90 lakh will be given in lump sum

If you are 28 years old. If you invest Rs 4,200 every month in NPS and aim to invest till the age of 60, then you will get investment time for 32 years. Your total investment in 32 years will be Rs 16,12,800, while the total corpus will be Rs 1,49,10,428. You can withdraw 60% of the amount in lump sum from the total corpus. That is, you will get 90 lakh rupees in lump sum. It will be tax free.

National Pension System: ₹30,000 monthly pension

It is necessary to buy 40% annuity on NPS investment. The insurance company gives pension for life only from the amount of annuity. It depends on the returns earned by the fund from investments in equity and debt. The higher the annuity, the higher the pension amount. The amount of 40% annuity in Rs 1.49 crore will be Rs 59,64,171. You will get a pension of Rs 30,000 every month at 6% annuity rate.

National Pension System: Tax Benefits

Extra tax benefit is available in NPS. Under NPS, under Section 80CCD (1B) of the Income Tax Act, the benefit of extra tax exemption is available on investment up to Rs 50,000. NPS can also help you with additional tax savings if you have met the limit of Rs 1,50,000 lakh under section 80C.

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