This is the essential news for tenants and landlords of Madhya Pradesh. Let us say that the centre’s Model Tenancy Act-2020 (MTA) may soon come into force in capital Bhopal including Madhya Pradesh. The Act will determine the written contract between landlords and tenants as well as the smallest responsibility from the fare fixed. Which both the parties have to fulfil. The centre intends to implement it in October itself.

Under this Act, things would be fixed on a number of parameters. Who will get the putai of a house or flat, from the tap toti to the wash basin and the fan or the bad switch. At the same time, the rent authority and the rent court will hear any dispute between the landlord and the tenant.

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Tenants have to do these things

People living in rent will have to do things like replacing tap washer and taps, toilets, wash basins, geyser, bauth tubs, drain cleaning. Also, electric sockets, switches, fans and small power equipments have to be maintenance.

The landlord will have to do these things

Under the Act, the landlord will have to repair and replace the taps pipe, electric wiring and large power related work and house, door, window peting.

The fare will be decided by consent

Under the applicable Act, the fare will be fixed only by consent between the landlord and the tenant. After the enactment of the Act, the landlord will not be able to increase the fare at his own discretion. Also, there will be additional collector for deputy collector, rent court in the fare authority in each district. In consultation with the High Court, district judges or additional district judges will be appointed to conduct the rent court in all the districts.

After the enactment of this Act, appeals or suits will not be filed in the civil court. Landlords will be able to rent property without fear. The landlord and tenant’s agreement will also apply to their successors after their death. The forced house will not be vacated by the successor immediately after the tenant’s death.



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