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Nepal: PM KP Sharma Oli again teased ‘real Ayodhya’ raga, instructions to build Ram temple

Ram Mandir Nepal: Nepal’s PM KP Sharma Oli has once again claimed to be the real Ayodhya in Nepal. He has asked the public representatives of Madi to prepare a masterplan for this.

, the prime minister of Nepal, KP Sharma Oli, who was criticized after making controversial statements about the real Ayodhya-fake Ayodhya, does not appear to be backing down from his stand at the moment. Even going a step further, he has decided to build a Ram temple in Madi, Nepal stating the birthplace of Lord Rama. He has asked the local representatives to prepare a plan for this, while the officials believe that the real problems of the people there should be solved first, after that the Ram temple can be built. Earlier on 5 August, PM Narendra Modi in India laid the foundation of Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Oli called the civic body officials of Madi in Chitwan, the ‘birthplace of God Ram’ Madi, on Saturday. During the two-hour meeting, Oli told him that a Ram temple should be built in Nepal. Oli, meanwhile, asserted that Lord Rama was born in Ayodhyapuri, Nepal. He interacted with the local people and asked them to preserve the historical evidence present there. Along with this, he has also directed to excavate Ayodhyapuri to gather more evidence.

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During this, Oli said that Ayodhyapuri is the birthplace of Lord Rama and a grand Ram temple should be built here. Madi Mayor Thakur Prasad Dhakal confirmed this to sources in the local media. He has told that the PM has also advised to rename Madi to Ayodhyapuri for which the decision of the Municipal Council will be decided. The PM has assured that land will be given to develop Ayodhyapuri as a historical and religious area. He is also said to have constructed idols of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita

Pahl Sulze roof issue’ During this time the people’s representatives burnt the houses of Chepang community in Chitwan National Park by the army. Dhakal clearly stated that until the roofing arrangement is made for the Chepang people, the construction of Ram temple has no meaning. In response, Oli said that the Forest Ministry is studying it and the team of the Council of Ministers is preparing the report.

Claim was made,
let us tell fake Ayodhya in India. Last month, Oli claimed that India has created fake Ayodhya for cultural encroachment. Whereas, the real AyodhyaIs in Nepal. Oli argued that if Ayodhya of India is genuine then how can the prince come to Janakpur for marriage from there. He claimed that science and knowledge originated and developed in Nepal. His statement was heavily criticized not only in India but also in Nepal.



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