More Than 50% Employees Will Quit If Work From Home Flexibility Is Removed (Survey Results)

    With the coronavirus pandemic completely disrupting the in-office work model, a recent survey conducted by a workplace safety tools maker Envoy, reports that of the 1000 working employees participating in the survey, about 48% wanted to continue the hybrid workplace model.

    A hybrid model is a mix of working at home and in the office. You can find details on the same adapted by Indian companies and giants, exclusively on

    What’s more surprising that these employees would rather switch jobs than continue with the initial in-office work model.

    66% Respondents Unsure of Returning to Office
    Envoy, a workplace safety tools maker, including room-booking platforms and sign-in systems, conducted a survey of 1000 workers in the U.S., on views of returning back to office, with ‘an end to the pandemic in sight’.

    In this survey, about 48% respondents wanted a hybrid work model. They wanted the flexibility to spend some of the workweek in the office and some of it working from home.

    Furthermore, almost half of the respondents said that they would rather look for another job, if their employer doesn’t offer a hybrid workplace.

    The survey also highlighted that about 66% respondents are worried about returning to work, while as high as 82% employees of color are scared of returning to the office.

    While 77% office workers are worried about rejoining the workplace, Gen Zers make 75% of the count.

    Complete Demographic List of Employees
    Here is the list of different employee demographics demanding for a hybrid model:

    Here is the list of different employee demographics demanding for a hybrid model:

    • 61% office workers
    • 52%  Gen Zers
    • 48% Millennials
    • 61% of employees in healthcare, medicine, and pharmaceuticals,
    • 41% of employees in construction, manufacturing, automotives, and utilities.

    Speaking of those employees who want a completely remote workweek, less than 1/10th of employees, particularly only 8% respondents want to work remotely five days a week.

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